Jungle Fly: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Farming Coins

       Here's a quick strategy walkthrough guide for Jungle Fly game app, available on Android Google Play and iOS App Store. Jungle Fly is an action and arcade running game that will test your ability to dodge obstacles and get high scores.

       Learn the Controls, and follow this guide's recommendations to quickly progress through the game. Fly and don't let the ferocious dragon catch you!

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- Quick Game Controls -

Swipe Up or Down
     - To fly higher or lower; Used for getting Coins and dodging Obstacles.

Tilt Device to the Right or Left
     - To move to the right or left; Used for getting Coins and dodging Obstacles.

Advanced Game Controls
     - Jungle Fly: Guide to Dodging Obstacles - Game Controls

- Quick Walkthrough and Objectives Guide -

       Your aim is to reach high scores at end game, but to achieve this, you must first focus on your Coin gain per run to unlock more upgrades and to easily earn Coins for "Save Me" option.

Recommended Upgrades (In-Order!):

Coin Value 
     - This will double your Coin gain, but to reach these Red Coins,
you must start to practice and familiarize yourself with the different obstacles in-game. Try to reach as far as you can.
     - Don't focus on the Objectives for now.

Pickup Spawn 
     - To increase the spawn rate of powerups or props, has cheap upgrade cost too.

Coin Magnet ; Big Coin Shield Duration Boost Distance ;
     - Upgrade them also since they have cheap upgrade costs.

Coin Value 
     - This will triple your Coins, get these Green Coins for easy Coin gain!
Save Me 
     - This will reduce the amount you need to pay to use Save Me.
     - After getting 2 Stars, start using this option once per run, then
try to earn back the Coins you paid.
     - I also suggest that you use this option only when you reached those green coins.

Pickup Spawn 
     - To increase the spawn rate of powerups or props.

Coin Magnet 
     - To farm Coins much easier. When you have this power-up, just
focus on dodging all obstacles along the way.

Shield Duration Boost Distance Big Coin ;
     - Upgrade them too since they have cheap upgrade costs by now.

       From here on, focus on maxing out some of the upgrades above to maximize your Coin gain per run. Start completing Objectives once you are done maxing the below recommendations.

Save Me 
     - After getting 5 Stars, start using this option twice per run. At
this point, you should be able to complete the "Collect 5000 Coins" objective without spending a lot of Coins. Only use this more than twice per run if you are trying to complete an Objective.

Coin Value ; Pickup Spawn 
     - It's time to Max these upgrades too.

Upgrades Summary:
     - Coin Magnet 
     - Big Coin 
     - Shield Duration 
     - Boost Distance 
     - Coin Value 
     - Pickup Spawn 
     - Score Multiplier (upgrade later)
     - Save Me 

     - Optional: Max "Big Coin" and "Coin Magnet" anytime you want.

       Now that you can get enough Coins for other upgrades and Save Me option, it's time to set new High Scores! Go to the link below for the continuation of these Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide.
     - Jungle Fly: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - How to Get High Scores

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