Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising: Create or Craft VS, VVS and VVVS Weapons and Armors

       Crafting VS, VVS or VVVS weapons and armors is the best and quickest way to get powerful equips in the game. They can also be used for a longer period of time than most other items dropped by normal monsters.

       Crafting these items requires a specific set of materials, and you must talk to the correct NPC Artificer to create the item you need. To learn how to do this all, refer to the Crafting Guide below.

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- NPC Equipment Artificers -

     - Item creation will randomly yield a Rank 4 (purple) VS, VVS, or VVVS grade
items. VS = stands for "Very Strong", and so on.
     - You can freely browse the items to see their description, stat bonuses, materials
and VS versions. Create an item that suits your character build.

Success Rates:
     - VS = Lol almost 100%!
     - VVS = Around 5%, still possible though.
     - VVVS = Around 2%, possible with some luck but still very rare!

Weapon Artificer
     - Craft a 1 Hand Sword, 2 Hand Sword, Staff, or Mace here.

Armor Artificer
     - Craft Shields, Armors, Manteaus, and  Boots/Shoes here.
     - Helmets can't be crafted.

Accessory Artificer
     - Craft your Accessories here!
     - The hardest equipment to craft due to low drop rates of Grade 2 (green) or
higher Accessories.

     - Note: If you don't like crafting your own equips, you can buy them from
other players instead. Check the Auction Machine NPC for cheap items too.

- Collecting and Crafting Materials -

     - Runes that can be extracted from items.
     - Go here for more info: Disassemble Items to Get Runes

Crafting Also Requires Materials Like:
     - Hammers = for Swords and Shields
     - Sticks = for Staves and Maces
     - Fabrics = for Armors
     - Magic Stones = for Accessories

     - These materials are graded up to Rank 4 (purple), and different grades are used
for making different equips.
     - Grade 1 (white) necessary materials are available to buy from Consumable
Merchants (NPCs where you can buy HP and SP potions).
     - Grades 2 (green) to 4 (purple) can only be created through the "Composition
Artificer" NPC.

     - Note: Crafting these items would really take some time, so if you want, purchase
them directly from the Cash Shop instead. You can also buy them from other players that likes to trade their Rubies for Zeny, how?, The Ruby user will buy the item you want in the Cash Shop then you'll buy that item using Zeny. Refer here for Cash Shop Items Available for Trade.
     - To find these Sellers, Yell around towns or Post it at the Message Boards.

Composition Artificer: Crafting Necessary Materials
     - Ores (Iron/Tin/Mithril) = to create Hammers
     - Wood (Log/Wood) = to create Sticks
     - Fabric (Leather/Silk/Cloth) = to create Fabrics
     - Gems (Garnet/Topaz/Amethyst)  = to create Magic Stones

     - Dropped by monsters Lvl 30 to 49 Rank 2 (green) or higher:
     - Iron Piece: (VS) Scorpion; (VS) Thorn Muka = MinoMano Maze
     - Log Piece: (VS) Legend Bigfoot = Mino Mano Instance Dungeon
     - Thin Scratched Leather: (VS) Legend Wolf = MinoMano Exit
     - Rough Garnet: (VS) Thorn Muka; (VVS) Thorn Muka = MinoMano Maze

     - Note: Higher items will be dropped by Lvl 50+ Rank 2 or higher monsters.
     - This method will still require an item called "Superior Recipe" to craft Grade 3
(yellow) materials. It can only be bought by using Gold Coins or Rubies, so if you are a non cash user, you can buy this item from the Event Manager NPC using Gold Coins.

Tokens, Ornaments and Jewels!
     - High-leveled items also require special items that are only dropped in Instance
Dungeons (all monsters inside drops them, drop rates varies per monster).

     - Tokens = Weapons and Shields
     - Ornaments = Armors except Shields and Shoes/Boots
     - Jewels = Shoes/Boots and Accessories

     - Swordsman Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Khoa Khoa Instance Dungeon = Deep Berrburr

     - Bapho Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - MinoMano Instance Dungeon = MinoMano Exit

     - Owl Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Bhua Bhua Forest Instance Dungeon = Bhua Forest Clearing

     - Shadow Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Forgotten Monastery Instance Dungeon = Valder Entrance

     - Spirit Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Spirit Graveyard Instance Dungeon = Ruins of Frinsy

     - Moonlight Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Crescent Hill Instance Dungeon = Valder Southbound Trail

     - Curse Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Sunken Ship Instance Dungeon = Old Ferry

     - Khalitzburg Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Kalim Castle Instance Dungeon = Kalim Castle Entrance

     - Knight Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Kalim Castle Instance Dungeon = Kalim Castle Entrance

     - Valkyrie Token, Ornaments and Jewels:
     - Valkyrie Sanctum Instance Dungeon = ???

Others: Cooking Artificer
     - Craft Foods here to get temporary stats boosts!
     - Empty Bottles, Pots, and Plates can be bought from Consumable Merchants.

Lan Forta Cooking Materials:
     - Carrot = ex: (Normal/VS) Moon Bunny and (Normal/VS)Thorn Muka
     - Grapes = ex: (VS) Legend Bigfoot
     - Strawberry = ex: Smoke Spore
     - Pumpkin = ex: (VS) Angeling
     - Sweet Potato = ex: (Normal/VS/VVS) Trained Wolf
     - Bell Pepper = ex: High Orc
     - Mushroom = ex: Pink Bear
     - Medicinal Root = ex: Scorpion
     - Bread = ex: (VS) Bear King
     - Sandwich Bread = ex: Bigfoot and Forest Golem
     - Meat = ex: (VS) Hungry Wolf
     - Sugar = ex: (VS) Orc Berserker

Note: Cooking Materials with "Fresh" are only dropped by Valder monsters.

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