Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising: Cards For Accessories - List

       You can get a lots of MaxSP + cards for your Accessories because they are very common, but if you are looking for something better, you can also find some Critical +, Aspd + and Hp Absorb cards here, ideal for melee characters.

       Refer below to learn which cards suits your character's Accessories, and playing style. The list below is only for Accessories, browse more cards by clicking any card menu buttons below.

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- For Accessories (Slots) Cards -

Card NameRank (1)Rank (2)Rank (3)Rank (4)Rank (5)Rank S (4)Rank S (5)
GoblinMaxHP +180
RaydricMaxSP +140MaxSP +150MaxSP +160MaxSP +170MaxSP +180
Fugitive MummyMaxSP
LudeCritical +2Critical +3
Detar's ChildCritical
+1 or +2
DisguiseCritical +4Critical +5
Loli RuriCritical +6Critical +7
BaphometAspd +6
PhendarkHP Absorb
1% or 2%

Note: Blank Spaces = None, or Not Available in the game.

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