Tekken Card Tournament: Lili Deck and Cards - Heavy Hitter Build

       This Lili deck build will focus on using her Punch cards and Buff cards to easily land powerful hits to shatter your opponent's HP pool! If you want to deal around 100 Hit damage per card, then this build is for you!

       Her best moves are used when the opponent has lots of cards down on the table. It is a risky and dangerous game, but the rewards can be well worth it.

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- Recommended Cards: Lili Heavy Hitter Deck -

Your Target Rare Lili Power Card:

     - Note: Featured Power Card might change it's
Stats in the future but it would still be good for this build.

     - First, Buy 3 Common Lili Power cards then
upgrade to get it's Uncommon version.
     - Always remember to use Fusion! to save Gold.

     - This Rare Power Card will greatly help reduce
your opponent's damage output, but this effect will
also take away some of your starting HP. Don't worry
though because you'll get some nice Heal cards anyway.

     - Refer to the links below this guide for more useful guides!

Recommended Common Cards
     - You should aim for the Common versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Uncommon Cards
     - You should aim for the Uncommon versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Rare Cards
     - (P) Rompez Fleuret = Attack
     - (P) Allonger Le Bras = Attack
     - (P) Delicate Uprising (Unique) = Attack/Tenacity NEW!
     - (P) Peacock Waltz = Buff
     - (P) Heliotrope = Buff
     - (P) Slashing Vine (Unique) = Buff
     - (P) Minuet = Buff
     - (P) Rose Pique = Buff
     - (P) Monte Carlo Snap = Heal
     - (P) Direct Persuasion = Draw
     - (P) Cancer Une-Deux = Draw
     - (P) Broken Heart = Draw
     - (P) Kitty Claws = Draw
     - (P) Bed Time = Draw NEW!

- Sample Lili Heavy Hitter Deck -

Lili Heavy Hitter Deck (No SR Cards)
     - x2 (P) Rompez Fleuret (Rare) = Attack
     - x2 (P) Allonger Le Bras (Rare) = Attack
     - x3 (P) Peacock Waltz (Rare) = Buff
     - x1 (P) Heliotrope (Rare) = Buff
     - x1 (P) Slashing Vine (Rare - Unique) = Buff
     - x2 (P) Monte Carlo Snap (Rare) = Heal
     - x2 (P) Cancer Une-Deux (Rare) = Draw
     - x1 (P) Direct Persuasion (Rare) = Draw
     - x1 (P) Card of Your Choice!

Deck Summary:
     - Full Punch cards to easily activate your Peacock Waltz cards.
     - Attack cards that can reach up to 40+ Hit value.
     - Buff cards to increase your Attack card's damage to around 100 Hit!
     - Some Heal cards to compensate your low starting HP.
     - Draw cards to increase your Draw Speed.

Notable Battle Strategies:
     - Heliotrope is somewhat hard to activate because some opponents will just spam
Block to force you to Strike first, or to just let all the cards be discarded.
     - The best way is to get 3 cards in play including Heliotrope while your opponent
have 4 cards in play. Spam Block because most of the time, they will Strike first.

     - If Rompez Fleuret is in play and it is located on the 3rd, 4th or 5th position, it is
better to Strike first if your opponent have at least 3 cards in play.

     - Concentrate on your 3rd card position because this is where you will draw your
heavy hits. If you can do this smoothly, you should be able to dish out at least 60 Hit per 3rd card Strike!

     - Note: If your opponent have Parry cards, your 3rd card buffs will be
countered by them. Place your other attack cards in the 4th or 5th position to deal powerful attacks, or simply hit "STRIKE" if you have a buffed 3rd card and if your opponent doesn't have parry cards in play.

Other Lili Deck Builds
     - Lili Deck and Cards - Heal Tank Build

Note: Even if you have all the cards above, wins will still depend on your experience
playing the game, strategies, positioning, and more! Good Luck!

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