Into the Dead: How to Chainsaw a Zombie While in Mid-Air

       This Into the Dead specific Mission will become available once you unlock the Chainsaw weapon at early Levels. Your first encounter will be at Mission - Level 6 where you are required to kill 1 Zombie while in mid-air.

       To better understand how to do this trick, refer to the guide and pics below to learn more!

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- Chainsaw a Zombie While in Mid-Air -

Steps to Do:
     - Get a Chainsaw from Weapon Crates.
     - Continue your run until you reach a Fence (See sample screenshot above) then
quickly locate a zombie standing next to the Fence then run towards it.
     - Jump over the Fence and whack all zombies while in mid-air, before you land!
     - To check if it did count, pause the game then see if the number required for this
mission decreased.

Other Ways
     - It is also possible to do the above steps by jumping over Fallen Trees. If you can
reach the Forest, you can find 2 or 3 Fallen Trees at the left side area.
     - Check this sample screenshot:
     - Jump over the Fallen Tree then whack that zombie with your Chainsaw. It will
also count as long that you are in mid-air. Good Luck!

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