Into the Dead: How to Complete Mission 12 - Finish a Run 3 Days in a Row

       Once you reach Into the Dead's Mission Level 12, you will encounter a not so familiar mission. This will involve playing in real time, so in order to get this done, you need to play 3 days in a row!. Here are some options that you can do instead of waiting for time.

       To learn how complete this mission, refer to the guide below for tips and tricks.

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- Options to Complete Mission -
Skip Mission!
     - This is the most common way to complete this mission but it will cost you 700
Coins. It's ok if you a hardcore player but if you want to conserve your Coins to perhaps buy the Minigun as soon as possible, then it's better to the trick below.

Trick the Date and Time!
     - Well, since a lot of players are probably doing this trick, I might as well share it
to all players! ^^

     - The first step is to completely close the Into the Dead game app.
     - Next, go to your device's Settings and look for the Date and Time settings.
     - Set the Date to the next day then save it, no need to set the time.
     - Open the game again then play 1 run. A complete run is until you get caught.
     - After the run, your Mission's required number of days should decrease.
     - Repeat the steps above until you complete the Mission!

     - This way, you can resume playing this awesome zombie game without waiting
for 2 to 3 days!

Play Legit!
     - For non casual players, just play and go with the flow but make sure that you will
complete at least 1 run per day (3 days in a row).

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