Tekken Card Tournament: Paul Deck and Cards - Heal Bomb Build

       This Paul deck build will focus on using his Heal cards to replenish lost HP. You will be able to survive tough battles and deal great amount of damage to your opponent!

       Perfect for players who wants to play as a tank and doesn't want to worry about those heavy penalties from card effects.

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- Recommended Cards: Paul Heal Bomb Deck -

Target Power Card:
     - Rare Paul Power Card: 165 HP - You start the game with one additional
card and your first card gains 15 Hit.
     - Note: Featured Power Card might change it's Stats in the future but it would still
be good for this build.
     - First, Buy 3 Common Paul Power cards then upgrade to get it's Uncommon
version. Always remember to use Fusion! to save Gold.
     - Refer to the links below this guide for more useful guides!

Recommended Common Cards
     - You should aim for the Common versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Uncommon Cards
     - You should aim for the Uncommon versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Rare Cards
     - Phoenix Wings = Attack
     - Shoulder Tackle = Attack
     - Thruster (Unique) = Attack
     - Lights Out  = Attack/Heal
     - Mountain Raze = Attack/Heal
     - Thunder Palm = Heal
     - Phoenix Smasher = Heal
     - Chest Crusher = Protection
     - Burning Spear = Discarder
     - Fall Away (Unique) = Discarder
     - Body Blow = Discarder
     - Hammer Punch = Draw
     - Down Strike (Unique) = Draw
     - Rapid Fire to Lightning Bolt = Trap
     - Wrecking Ball (Unique) = Trap

- Sample Paul Heal Bomb Deck -

Paul Heal Bomb Deck (No SR Cards)
     - x1 Juggernaut (Unique - Uncommon) = Attack/Heal
     - x3 Mountain Raze (Rare) = Attack/Heal
     - x3 Lights Out (Rare) = Attack/Heal
     - x2 Phoenix Smasher (Rare) = Attack/Heal
     - x3 Thunder Palm (Rare) = Heal
     - x1 Down Strike (Unique - Rare) = Draw
     - x1 Hammer Punch (Rare) = Draw
     - x1 Card of your Choice!

Deck Summary:
     - Has both powerful hits and impressive Heal effects (up to +30 HP!).
     - Paired with some Draw cards to get more Heal cards to play!
     - If you can control the game, you'll become invincible!

       If you want to annoy your opponent,
just always activate your card effects to
get Heals!. Thunder Palm is your main
healing card here, specially when you have
2 cards in play. Just "STRIKE" away and
get that quick +60 HP!.
     - Some opponents will just quit the
game because of these insane Heal cards,

Other Paul Deck Builds
     - Paul Deck and Cards - Heavy Hitter Build

Note: Even if you have all the cards above, wins will still depend on your experience
playing the game, strategies, positioning, and more! Good Luck!

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