Tekken Card Tournament: Kazuya Deck and Cards - Tank Build

       This Kazuya deck build will focus on using his powerful cards with impressive defensive effects. If you want to play as a tank even though he doesn't have a wide selection of Heal cards, then this deck is for you!

       His special skill is to increase his strength when injured, which means the more he loses HP, the more powerful he becomes. This can make for extremely tense fights that hardcore players will love.

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- Recommended Cards: Kazuya Tank Deck -

Target Power Card:
     - Rare Kazuya Power Card: 160 HP = You start the game with one additional
card and your first card gains 20 Hit.
     - First, Buy 3 Common Kazuya Power cards then upgrade to get it's Uncommon
version. Always remember to use Fusion! to save Gold.
     - Note: Featured Power Card might change it's Stats in the future but it would still
be good for this build.

     - Refer to the links below this guide for more useful guides!

Recommended Common Cards
     - You should aim for the Common versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Uncommon Cards
     - You should aim for the Uncommon versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Rare Cards
     - (K) Oni Stomp = Protection
     - (K) Hell Lancer = Heal
     - (P) Slaughter Hook (Unique) = Heal NEW!
     - (K) Twin Fang Double Kick = Draw
     - (P) Kumo Kiri = Attack/Trap
     - (P) Lion Slayer (Unique) = Attack/Discarder
     - (P) Entrails Smash (Unique) = Parry
     - (K) Demon Scissors = Parry
     - (P) Skull Smash = Draw
     - (P) Inferno = Discarder
     - (P) Sokushitsu Goda = Debuff Opp Cards
     - (P) Abolishing Fist = Debuff Opp Cards
     - (P) Devastator (Unique) = Attack/Draw
     - (P) Impaling Knee Twin Thrust = Attack/Debuff Opp Cards NEW!

- Sample Kazuya Tank Deck -

Kazuya Tank Deck (No SR Cards)
     - x2 Oni Stomp (Uncommon or Rare) = Protection
     - x1 Hell Lancer (Rare) = Heal
     - x2 Sokushitsu Goda (Rare) = Attack/Debuff Opp Cards
     - x1 Abolishing Fist (Rare) = Attack/Debuff Opp Cards
     - x1 Demon Scissors (Rare) = Attack/Parry
     - x1 Entrails Smash (Rare - Unique) = Attack/Parry
     - x2 Twin Fang Double Kick = Draw
     - x2 Skull Smash (Rare) = Draw
     - x2 Inferno (Rare) = Discarder
     - x1 Card of your Choice!

Deck Summary:
     - Has both powerful hits and impressive defensive effects.
     - Decent drawing speed, much better when you have lower HP.
     - Some Heal and Discarder cards for support.

Notable Battle Strategies:
     - Your aim is to survive the battle while dealing decent damages to your opponent.

     - Use Sokushitsu Goda, Abolishing Fist and Inferno to safely land your cards using
"FOCUS". These cards can also prevent your opponent to attempt early "STRIKES"!

     - Build your defense and just let your opponent do the "STRIKES" first. Use
your Oni Stomp, Abolishing Fist, Demon Scissors, and Entrails Smash cards to cut their total damage!. After that, select "STRIKE" to deal all available damages that you can.

    - If you have some Skull Smash in play, they will greatly help you rebuild your
defense every after strikes!

Other Kazuya Deck Builds
     - Kazuya Deck and Cards - Speedster Build
     - Kazuya Deck and Cards - Discarder Build

Note: Even if you have all the cards above, wins will still depend on your experience
playing the game, strategies, positioning, and more! Good Luck!

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