Tekken Card Tournament: Deck Customization and Card Types Guide

       To edit or manage your deck, go to the Main Menu > Cards > My Decks. Select the Deck you want to               customize to open the Deck Editor screen. Here you can edit the name of your Deck, add or remove cards, or to simply review your current cards.

       Cards have their own rarity, effects and value. To learn more about these cards, refer to the guide below.

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- Cards and Deck Management -

The Deck
     - A deck always consists of 15 Attack cards and 0 or 1 Power card.
     - To remove a card, click or tap a card  from your deck and select the "-" button.
     - To add a card to your deck, just select a card and press the "+" button.
     - General Card Rule: No more than 3 copies of the same card per deck! Example,
if you have 3 Uncommon Mountain Raze card in your deck, you can no longer add any rarity of Mountain Raze!

Card Rarity
     - Common Cards: Red Bordered - (Buy: 5000 Gold  |  Sell: 500 Gold)
     - Uncommon/Elite Cards: Silver Bordered - (Buy: 20,000 Gold  |  Sell: 5000 Gold)
     - Rare Cards: Gold Bordered - (Buy: 80,000 Gold  |  Sell: 40,000 Gold)
     - Super-Rare Cards: Gold Bordered with Fiery Effects! - (Buy: 320,000 Gold |
Sell: 160,000 Gold)

Unique Cards
     - Common/Uncommon/Rare Cards that needs to be limited to balance the game.
     - Unique Cards will have a "U" symbol at the upper right area of the card.
     - Important Notes: Refer to the screenshot above.
     - You can only use 1 Juggernaut card in your deck because the card is Unique!.
Here's another catch, if you have 1 Common Juggernaut card in your deck, you still can't add any rarity of Juggernaut card!
     - So decide which rarity of Juggernaut card you are going to use then sell all other
Juggernaut cards. If you want to use Fusion, then it's ok to keep or buy the cards.
     - Always remember these tips while purchasing cards in the Market!

Super-Rare Cards
     - These are very powerful and only 1 of these cards is allowed in a deck.
     - Super-Rare Cards will have a "SR" symbol at the upper right area of the card.
     - If you have 1 Super-Rare card in your deck, you can't add any other SR card!
     - Available through direct purchase in the Market or chance to get from Ultra Packs.

Power Cards
     - Available to all Rarities.
     - A deck may have 0 or 1, never more. They increase starting HP and may come with
special effect at the beginning of the game. Choose wisely!

     - Buying Price: 2x it's Rarity | Selling Price: 2x it's Rarity
     - If you plan to buy (direct purchase) a Rare or Uncommon Power card, don't do it!
Buy Common Power cards instead then use Fusion to get the Uncommon or Rare version of the card. This method will save you lots of Gold because it's cheaper.

Attack Cards
     - You need exactly 15 cards of the deck to be eligible.
     - Types: Kick Attack Cards and Punch Attack Cards
     - The number represents the card's attack damage.

Attack Cards with Special Effects
     - Hourglass: If the sand is down, the effect applies after the attack phase.
Otherwise, it's before.
     - Trigger: Actions, Placement of the Card, Number of Cards, and more.
     - Effect Description: describes what will happen when triggered.

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