Tekken Card Tournament: Best Booster Packs to Buy from the Boosters Shop

       If you want to know which Booster Pack (First Pack, Ultra Pack and more) is the best for your Gold or Credits, then you've come to the right place. Read the explanations and recommendations below to learn more.

       Note that these are just suggestions from me and from other dependable Tekken Fighters around, so you still have the final decision for your Tekken Fighter deck/s. Hope this guide will help you too!

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- Gold: Booster Packs! -

First Pack (3000 Gold - 3 Cards)
     - 3 random (Common) cards with a CHANCE! to get 1 Elite (Uncommon) card.

     - Suggestions:
     - After selecting your main Tekken Fighter deck, buy 1 or 2 "First Packs" to
quickly change some of your cards that has low Hit damage (less than 10) and has no Effect. Just replace about 1 to 3 cards depending on your Tekken Fighter deck and luck.
     - If you are unlucky, just sell all cards (requires Lvl 3) that doesn't belong to your
Tekken Fighter.

     - After that, earn then purchase strong Common cards (5,000 Gold) in the Market.
     - If you feel lucky, try another "First Pack", you might get 1 Uncommon card or 1
Power card for your deck!

- Credits: Booster Packs! -

Duel Time Booster Pack (90 Credits - 5 Cards) NEW!
     - 1 Elite (Uncommon) Card, 4 random (Common) cards with a CHANCE! to get 1
Rare card. Featured Tekken Fighter will get higher chance!

     - Suggestions:
     - Recommended Booster Pack if the featured Tekken Fighter is your current
deck. Also recommended for cash players who wants to start a new deck!
     - Note that this Booster Pack is counted as an event only pack.
Grouped Booster Packs (150 Credits - 3 Cards)
     - 1 Elite (Uncommon) Card, 2 random (Common) cards with a CHANCE! to get 1
Rare card.

     - Opinions from Players:
     - For free users that only depends on free Credits, these doesn't give a good deal.
     - First, getting 1 Rare card is somewhat low because it will only roll 2 cards!
     - Second, you'll become a "Jack of all trades, master of none". You should be
focusing on your first choice Tekken Fighter deck because upgrading a single deck will take a lot of Gold and time. Not suitable for free players, too slow to boost all up and you'll lose a lot in PVP.
     - Third, you'll end up selling your cards giving you low Gold gain, unless you got
that elusive Rare card that needs lots of luck, or, if most Uncommon cards that you got from those packs are under your Tekken Fighter deck, still luck based.

     - Suggestions:
     - If you want to play another Tekken Fighter, create a new account instead, or wait
until your level is high enough to farm decent Gold at higher levels.
     - Much better for hardcore Credit users that would like to play a group of Heavy
Hitters, Speedsters, or Babes under same account. Recommended for card collectors.
Ultra Pack (400 Credits - 5 Cards)
     - 1 Rare Card, 4 random (Common) cards with a CHANCE! to get 1 Elite
(Uncommon) card and 1 Super-Rare card!

     - Opinions from Players:
     - The chance of getting an Elite card is high, so you'll get 3 card rolls for a Super-
Rare card! It would still require lots of luck though, but the Rare card is what we really need!
     - The best deal for all players that would like to boost their decks fast!
     - Doesn't matter if it's a very strong card from another character, I would still sell it
for my favorite Tekken Fighter!
     - Hardcore Credits players might abuse this because cards doesn't have a Lvl limit.

     - Suggestions:
     - Selling that Rare card will net you 40,000 Gold early game, more than enough to
boost your deck with 1 Common or 1 Uncommon Power Card of your choice and more!. Note that each Tekken Fighter has more than 1 Power Cards to choose from, select what you think is best.
     - If you are so lucky enough, the Super-Rare card is worth 160,000 Gold if you
would like sell it! Note: Super Rares are only obtainable through Ultra Packs and Market.
     - To Free Users: If you did get one, this could be your turning point. If you really
like the card and the Tekken Fighter that will be able to use it, then it's ok to switch. Earn some gold and buy "First Packs" for your new main Tekken Fighter deck, then sell all the cards under your old deck.

     - Any packs that gives you a chance to get a Super-Rare Card for your character is
a very good choice.
     - Lastly, always check the News for upcoming Sales on Booster Packs! Good Luck!

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