Samurai vs Zombies Defense: Wave 1 to 70 Upgrades and Walkthrough Strategy Guide

       This is a simple walkthrough and strategy guide for the game app - Samurai vs Zombies Defense. It will only cover the Allies (Human) or Classic version of the game, from Wave 1 to 70. For Zombie Rising, check the link below, after Wave 70 of the Allies campaign.

       If you want a fresh start to follow this guide, simply uninstall the game app then install again.

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- Recommended Team for Allies -

The Allied Members: Permanent 
       These 3 allies are enough to complete waves 17 to 50! Tested with no problem.

     - Bowman: Unlocks after Wave 5. This will be your main rangers early game. Use
them for backing up Nobunaga and to increase your fire power. Summon if Nobunaga is in play.
     - Priest: Unlocks after Wave 14. Mostly used for healing the Sacred Gate. Only
summon if you have 2~4 Leadership Lvl with high Leadership Points.
     - Nobunaga: Unlocks after Wave 16. He will be your main tanker for this game!
Always reserve points and summon him always to keep your enemies busy. Note that all free Glu Credits or Gems must be used on him to increase his Health and Attack.

More Allied Members: Get From Presents

     - Assassin: One of your permanent members once you get her. Assassin is a fast
moving range melee ninja, used as quick reinforcements for Nobunaga when he is far from the Sacred Gate. Can be replaced by Rifleman.
     - Frostie the Bowman: One of your permanent members once you get him.
Another great ranger that can freeze your enemies, slowing their movements!
     - Rifleman and Takeda Shingen: Optional members until you get the 2 above.
Takeda Shingen is only good at early to mid waves, so use him if you are lucky to get him. Rifleman can also replace assassin as your permanent member because he can buff your Archers!
So Why Use 4 Ranged Allies?
     - Other melee or mid ranged allies won't last long like Nobunaga so it is best to
recruit more ranged allies. They have different Leadership points requirements and unique skills, that is suitable for different situations.

- Battle Strategies -

Attack, Doge, Sneak and Delay Enemy Movements!
     - If you want to review how to do this, which I greatly recommend before
following this guide, refer here: Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info
     - The guide above also includes how to upgrade your Leadership Lvl and how to
use Cup or Pot of Tea while in battle.

Battle Routine!
     - Do not summon any allies for now. Attack, dodge and delay the movements of
your enemies until you are able to upgrade your Leadership Lvl to 2. Lethargy is a good ability skill to get for this purpose.
     - Summon Nobunaga to tank for you then back him up with your ranged allies.
Sometimes, it is better to quickly summon 2 Nobunagas at the start.
     - Watch Nobunaga's health bar and always reserve 55 leadership to quickly
summon him right after his death.
     - Your aim is to upgrade your Leadership to higher levels to gain faster points per
second. Only upgrade when Nobunaga is present on the battle field.

Other Helpful Strategies
     - Use Lethargy then sneak attack all ranged enemies at the back. Attack their
healers and buffers too to cut their damage output and survivability. Be careful not to die though!
     - Use Troop Trample to defeat bosses like Spider Ladies that can deal massive
- Upgrades per Wave - Simple Walkthrough Guide -

Notes While Playing
     - Play Pachinko if you have over 100 balls.
     - If you have Takeda Shingen, use him until Wave 30 or more if you want.
     - If you have Assassin, Frostie the Bowman or Rifleman, add them as your allies.
     - Use all free Glu Credits or Gems for upgrading Nobunaga!
     - Save and use Revive only if the walkthrough suggests it.
     - Upgrades Before Wave 10: Your target upgrades while playing Waves 1 to 9.
     - Notes (Wave 1~9): Tips while playing Waves 1 to 9 or a specific Wave.
     - "At 50%", means at 50% completion while in battle (bar at the center with %).
     - "At 50+%", means after 50% completion rate or more.

Upgrades Before Wave 10
     - Hero 2
     - Sword 2
     - Bow 4
     - Sacred Gate 2
     - Village Bowmen 2
     - Save Coins for Sacred Gate 3!
Notes (Wave 1~10)
     - Just follow the tutorial, no need to use any charms.
     - Wave 5: Claim 5 Glu credits by giving your rating and review (optional).
     - Wave 10: Just summon archers and delay the movement of the boss. Go in front
of it then move to it's back when it attacks to dodge. Repeat till it dies.

Upgrades Before Wave 20
     - Bow 5
     - Sacred Gate 3
     - Save coins for Sacred Gate 4!
Notes (Wave 11~20)
     - Wave 13: Start using Lethargy and Divine Intervention. No charms needed.
     - Wave 15: Add Priest, replace Farmer.
     - Wave 17: Add Nobunaga, replace Sword Warrior.
     - Wave 20: Start using Lethargy and Summon Tornado.
     - Wave 20: Just keep on summoning Nobunaga and back him up with archers.

Upgrades Before Wave 30
     - Nobunaga 2!
Notes (Wave 21~30)
     - Wave 23: Add Spear Horseman, replace Spear Warrior.
     - Wave 30: Same strategy as always with Nobunaga.

Upgrades Before Wave 40
     - Sacred Gate 4
     - Nobunaga 3!
     - Lethargy 5
     - Bowman 4
     - Hero 3
     - Sword 3
     - Village Bowmen 4
Notes (Wave 31~40)
     - Thanks to the Wave 30  and Pachinko rewards, you can now upgrade the most
important things. After maxing out sacred gate and upgrading Nobunaga, you no longer need to worry about being stuck in this game!
     - You can now start using Charms that you like, except Peace Charms and
Friendship Charms. Save them for later use.
     - Wave 33: This is where many players are getting stuck because they have a low
health Sacred Gate! If you are having trouble, just use a Peace charm, if you weren't able to max your Sacred Gate, you might need to use a Revive too!
     - Wave 40: Start using Troop Trample and Lethargy, your final set of abilities!
     - Wave 40: Use Troop Trample to easily kill the Spider Lady. She will split into
spiderlings after death, so go back to protect your Sacred Gate. Summon a Priest then try to max your Leadership Lvl.

Upgrades Before Wave 50
     - Nobunaga 4! or 5!
     - Hero 6
     - Sword 5
     - Village Bowmen 7
     - Warding Bell 2
     - Bowman 5
Notes (Wave 41~50)
     - Wave 45: This might be trouble for some players. Just use peace charm.
     - Wave 47: Quickly Summon 2 Nobunaga at the start while defending the Sacred
Gate. Using 1 or 2 Cup of Tea will help you accomplish this. When things are clear, resume same strategy and summon a Priest to heal your Sacred Gate. If you are having trouble, use a Peace charm.
     - Wave 48 and 49: Quickly summon 2 Nobunaga at the start. Try to delay their
movements but be careful not to die. Summon a Priest after.
     - Wave 50: Any charm will do. At 50+% use Revive when your Sacred Gate is
destroyed. Note: While your enemies are destroying your gate, charge your Leadership bar instead. Do not summon until you are revived.

Replay Waves Unlocked!
     - You can now replay completed Waves! Tap on the Wave Lvl to select a Wave.
     - If you still don't have Assassin, Rifleman or Frostie the Bowman, farm them
through replays or just continue on and get them from Waves 51 to 70.

Upgrades Before Wave 60
     - Nobunaga 8! (Stop putting Glu Credits or Gems now, 8 is enough.)
     - Assassin 5
     - Frostie the Bowman 5
     - Village Bowmen 5
     - Hero 8
     - Save all your Coins now for Zombie Rising!
Notes (Wave 51~60)
     - Wave 52: Use Friendship Warrior charm and Revive.
     - Wave 54: Use Friendship Warrior charm. Do not summon and do not use Troop
Trample for now. Quickly upgrade your Leadership Lvl to 4 when you reach 18%. After that, recharge you Leadership bar to full then summon a horde to destroy their healers and their upcoming legions.
     - Wave 60: Peace Charm will do. Do not let the healers heal the boss, attack them
and try to give a space between them. Go back to help your allies.

Upgrades Before Wave 70
     - None
Notes (Wave 51~60)
     - You will use lots of Charms and Revives from here on.
     - Start using 1 to 3 Cup of Tea or Pot of Tea at the start of every battle to quickly
upgrade your Leadership Lvl and summon Nobunaga.

     - Wave 61: Friendship Warrior Charm and Revive at 50+%.
     - Wave 62: Friendship Warrior Charm.
     - Wave 63: Peace charm. Once the big boss appears, just do the usual strategy.
Summon Frostie the Bowman and Priest to help Nobunaga. If he dies, use Lethargy or dodge it's attacks to delay it's movement. Attack with your bow but step back once it attacks, this one has a very wide range.
     - Wave 64: Friendship Warrior or Panzer Charm (the golden one).
     - Wave 65: Power charm will do. Take them all out with your Troop Trample.
     - Wave 66: Friendship Panzer Charm. Same strategy as Wave 63.
     - Wave 67: Peace and Revive at 36+%. When they are near your Sacred Gate, go
behind it to protect yourself, do not summon any allies. Recharge your Leadership bar while they are destroying your gate. Once destroyed, revive then summon all allies!
     - Wave 68: Peace charm. Quickly use your Cup or Pot of Tea to summon
Nobunaga before they destroy your Sacred Gate! Use Troop Trample to clear out everything next!
     - Wave 69: Any charm will do.
     - Wave 70: Friendship Panzer Charm and 2 Revives to kill the boss at 88%!
Why does the final Boss here looks like a...!? Well, at least he's a Zombie Lol!
Samurai vs Zombies Defense: Zombies Rising!
     - For Zombies Rising walkthrough, refer to the the guide below:

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