Samurai vs Zombies Defense: How to Get More Glu Credits or Gems

       You can get Free Glu Credits or Gems while playing the game or by doing various tasks off-game. Some tricks will also help you gain more Glu or Gems, check them out below.

       Glu Credits are only available for Android version and Gems for iOS version of Samurai vs Zombies Defense. This guide will still work on both versions, so no need to worry!

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- Free Glus or Gems: Free and Basic -

Dropped by Enemies
     - Light Farming: Enter Waves and play normally (luck dependent).
     - Hardcore Farming: Enter Waves and play normally, but when the battle reaches
about 85% to 90%, and there is still no Glu/Gem drop, let your Hero die or pause the game then restart the Wave.

     - Note: You must move your character to get all Glu or Gem on the ground. Using
a Wealth Charm before the fight will automatically get all items for you.

Daily Rewards
     - Get more free game items by playing everyday!
     - Day 5 will give 3 Glue Credits or Gems. Refer to the above screenshot.

     - Random Spin Reward.

Free Booster Packs
     - Random Reward after every 10th Wave of the Samurai Campaign.

Bonus Wave Rewards
     - Wave 10: 5 Glu Credits/Gems
     - Wave 20: 10 Glu Credits/Gems
     - Wave 30 15 Glu Credits/Gems
     - Wave 40 20 Glu Credits/Gems
     - Wave 50 100 Glu Credits/Gems

Rate After Wave 5
     - After Wave 5, a notification will appear, offering you a free Glu Credits or Gems
after making a simple review or comment for the game.
     - Make sure that you have an internet connection to successfully complete this.

Get Free Glu Credits or Gems By Completing Tasks
     - An internet connection must be present to complete these tasks.
     - Refer to the screenshot above to learn where to locate the list.
     - Note: These are totally optional! Complete them if you like the offers.

- Paid Glu Credits or Gems -

Buy Glu with Real Cash
     - Refer to the screenshot above to learn where to locate this option.
     - This is an optional method too for players that are willing to spend some real
cash for this game.


- Free Glu Credits or Gems: The Trick! -

The Trick!
     - If you haven't discovered this one yet, then this will be the best and fastest way
to farm Glu Credits or Gems!

     - Step 1: Play through the game but do not spend your Glu or Gems. By using
the guide above, farm all Glu or Gems that you can get.

     - Step 2: If you think you have a good number of Glu or Gems (any number will
do though), it's time to do the trick!

     - Step 3: The trick is to simply Uninstall the game, then Install again to wipe your
game data. Note: It will restart the game but your Glu or Gems will still be the same!
     - For some devices, you can simply go to your Settings > Apps > SvZ > Clear
Data. This will restart your progress without re-installing the game.

     - Step 4: You can now play the game with higher Glu or Gems! Repeat steps
if you want more! Credits to all SvZ players who suggested this trick. Thank You! ^^

NOTE: This trick will not increase your Glu or Gems after re-installing the game!
It will simply reset the game but with higher number of Glu or Gems to play with, more than the original number of Glu or Gems the first time you played the game.

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