Temple Run 2: How to Use Head Starts to Complete Objectives

       Head Starts are used to give your character an extra boost at the start of your run, similar to the Boost Powerup. Note that you can only use Head Starts before reaching the first rope or zip line.

       If you are having trouble on how to use this option to complete specific objectives, refer to the guide below.

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- Head Starts! The Boost -

The Requirement
     - First, you need to have at least 2,500 Coins to unlock a Head Start. Farm Coins
through runs until you reach the required number of Coins.

     - Once you have the Coins, start a new run. This time, a Head Start option will
appear at the center of your game screen. Refer to the sample screenshot below.
     - This option will disappear once you reach the first rope or zip line, so if you want
to use a Head Start, quickly TAP on the Head Start option to activate it.
     - Once activated, 2500 Coins will be deducted from your original number of Coins.
     - Head Starts are expensive, specially at early game, so use them only for
completing objectives related to Head Starts usage.

Upgrading Head Starts
     - To reduce the amount of Coins needed to use Head Starts, go to the Abilities
page through the Upgrades option and upgrade the Head Start ability.

Unlocking More Options
     - To unlock the second Head Start option, gather 10,000 Coins!

       Now, that you know how to use Head Starts, you can now continue the game
and complete more objectives! Good Luck!

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