Torchlight II: Embermage - Frost Mage Stats and Skill Build

       This build will focus more on the Frost skill tree of the Embermage. Since you will be using pure Frost skills, it is best to add some debuffs skills to decrease the Ice resistances of your enemies, thus also increases your overall damage output!

       If you want your Embermage to reach and deal one of the highest number of damage possible for Embermages, and like to watch your enemies freeze to death, then this build is for you!

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- Character Attributes and Equipment Stats -

Embermage's Charge Bar
     - At full bar, Embermage will gain infinite mana and +25% to all skill damages for 12 seconds!

Base Attributes at Level 100 (Bonuses are not included)
     - Strength: 5
     - Dexterity: 10
     - Focus: 420 = 210% Overall Magic Damage. Increases Mana and Mana Regeneration too.
     - Vitality: 100 = 18% Chance to Block. Shields and Tomes will increase this to 75% cap.

Stats Allocation
     - (Focus: 4 and Vitality: 1) until Vitality hits 100.
     - Next, put all Attribute Points to Focus until Lvl 100.

Main Equipment Stats (Enchants, Socketables and Stat Bonuses to Find)
       If you are not playing Elite/HC, focus more on your damage output.
     - +? Focus Attribute Bonus
     - +? Health
     - +?% Critical Hit Chance
     - +?% bonus to Critical Damage
     - All damage taken is reduced by ?%
     - ?% chance to reflect missiles at ?% weapon DPS

Additional Equipment Stats
     - +? Mana or +?% Mana
     - +?% Cast Speed
     - Physical/Elemental Armors
     - +?% to all Damage
     - +?% to Ice Damage

- Weapons, Armors and Socketable Items -

Note: I will not mention all specific items to get, to let you enjoy the game. The game is very
beatable even if you are only using some alternatives to those "Best" items per slot. Hunt monsters, open chests or gamble to get the items that you need. Good Luck!

Staff (Primary Weapon Set "I")
     - Refer to the Main or Additional Equipment Stats above for stats to find.
     - Staff is used for debuffing boss monsters with Staff Mastery and Icy Blast skills.
     - Switch to Secondary Weapon Set "II" below after debuffing monsters.
     - Save any staff with 4 sockets for your socketables. Refer to Socketable Items below.

Any 1-Hand Weapon (Optional Secondary Weapon Set "II")
     - Since most of your skills doesn't use weapon DPS, any weapon will do!
     - Preferably with +?% Critical Hit Chance or +?% bonus to Critical Damage.
     - Save any weapon with 4 sockets for your socketables. Refer to Socketable Items below.

 Shield (Optional Secondary Weapon Set "II")
     - Preferably with very high ?% chance to Block.
     - The Lvl 23 "Roundhaven" Shield has 29% chance to Block.
     - The Lvl 98 "Parma's Coal-Burner" Shield has 45% chance to Block!

All 10 Armors/Trinkets
     - Refer to the Main or Additional Equipment Stats above for stats to find.
     - Save all Lvl 60+ Equipments with 40+ Focus. You might use them until Lvl 100.
     - Save all Lvl 70+ Equipments with ?% chance to reflect missiles at ?% weapon DPS. Use
them if you are having trouble against long ranged attackers.

Notable Armor Sets
     - Lvl 99 "Trancendent" Set: The Shoulder Armor, Necklace and Belt looks good. Get 6 of
these to get the +15% Cast Speed bonus from the set.
     - Lvl 70 "Emberweave" Set: The Helm and Leggings looks good too. Get these 2 items
to get the +10% Ice Damage bonus from the set.

Notable Socketable Items
       Save all socketables that are similar to the stat bonuses below. They are also good.

     - Lvl 90 "Wfuntir Skull"
     - +62 Focus Attribute Bonus (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 73 "Skull of Riechliu"
     - +1540 Health (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 55 "Skull of Limoany"
     - All damage taken is reduced by 5% (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 88 "Skull of Whorlbarb"
     - +10% Critical Hit Chance (Weapon)

     - Lvl 75 "Rambren Skull"
     - +60% bonus to Critical Damage (Weapon)

     - Lvl 99 "Zardon's Might Skull"
     - 25% chance to reflect missiles at 50% weapon DPS (Armor/Trinkets)

Equippable Spells/Tomes (Hero)
       Note: Higher Rank/Level gives better output and duration.
     - Spell: Dervish
     - Tome: Blocking
     - Tome: Elemental Overload
     - Any Spell/Tome that you like

Equippable Spells/Tomes (Pet)
     - Spell: Heal All
     - Spell: Silence
     - Any Summons or Spells/Tomes that you like.

- Frost Mage - Main Skill Build -

       There are so many skills that you can choose from but it is best to choose or prioritize
what you really need for your build. Other unmentioned skills below are also good but they are much more suitable for other Embermage builds. Feel free to use other skills that you think is best.
Icy Blast (Active) - Get 5/15
     - After reaching Estherian Enclave, talk to Thaymor to respec or remove your "Magma Spear"
skill. Put your free skill point to Icy Blast.
     - This will be your friend early game until you get Hailstorm and Frost Wave. At higher levels,
use this skill as your main debuffer. Make sure you are using a staff to make the debuffs work though.
     - Combo with Staff Mastery

Staff Mastery (Passive) - Get 15/15
     - This will greatly amplify your damages because it reduces the elemental resistances of your
enemies. The more you hit, the more your enemies will become vulnerable to your attacks!
     - If you want to get the highest damage possible with this Frost Mage, spam this then use all buffing skills/spells with Hailstorm. With above average equips and socketables, your Frost Wave can easily reach 200,000+ crit damage!
     - Only works with Icy Blast in this skill set. Make sure you are using a staff too.
     - Combo with Icy Blast

Charge Mastery (Passive) - Get 5/15
     - Will give you more chance to enjoy infinite Mana and additional 25% to all skill damages.
     - 5/15 should be enough for this build

Hailstorm (Active) - Get 15/15
     - Debuff your enemies and give your Ice skills like Frost Wave a higher damage output!
     - Combo with Frost Wave and Ice Brand.

Frost Phase (Active) - Get 1/15
     - One of my 1 point fave skills, not because of it's added effects but because of it's
teleportation. You can use it for travelling, faster dungeon runs and for avoiding nasty skills. You can also use this as an escape mechanism and to place yourself to an advantageous position.
     - Place your mouse pointer to where you want to teleport. Practice to familiarize yourself.

Ice Brand (Passive) - Get 15/15
     - Since most of your skills can freeze, get this to deal massive damages!
     - Combo with Frost Wave and Hailstorm.

Elemental Boon (Active) - Get 15/15
     - Great buffing skill but I don't like it's cooldown and duration, so only use this skill if you
are up against epic/champion monsters or monster mobs.

Frost Wave (Active) - Get 15/15
     - Your main spammable Frost skill! At Rank 15, you can almost cover half of your screen
when using this. Great mob control skill that can also hit enemies off screen and at some lower/higher areas.
     - Combo with Hailstorm and Ice Brand.

Ice Prison (Active) - Get 15/15
     - A perfect support skill! It can protect you from incoming damages, reflects damages
back to enemies and deals damage over time to trapped enemies. It can also be used to halt enemy movements by placing it on paths or next to doors. Use it for scouting and sniping too!
     - Max it to greatly reduce it's cooldown to 2 seconds!
     - There are still some monsters that can easily destroy your Ice Prison, specially at higher
modes, so do not stay inside it. Stay behind it instead to get 2 walls of ice shields. If you got mobbed, do not go inside it, teleport  away and cast a new Ice Prison to shatter your first one, dealing damage to them!

- Optional Skills for Unused Skill Points -

     - Total Skill Points Used: 101
     - Total Unused Skill Points: 31

     - If you have extra skill points, either upgrade the skills you currently have or save them for
later  use (after reaching the next required Lvl of skills). You can also invest them to other skills that you like but use the unused skill points above as your limit.

Frozen Fate (Passive)
     - A good passive skill for more crowd control. You might want to invest your last extra
Skill Points here if you can't decide where to put them. Putting 1 point here is enough.

Immolation Aura (Active)
     - A buffing skill that increases survivability. At Rank 15, this skill will absorb 15% damages.
     - If you have some "Skull of Limoany" socketables and/or if you are playing Elite/HC, this
skill will greatly help your damage reduction rate.

Note: You might need to update your Torchlight 2 to it's latest version or patch to enjoy this
guide. Some skill description and game features are different compared to the original version. If you like this PC game, please support the software developers by purchasing the game!

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