Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Cripple All Deck - Heavy Duel Points

       This deck will focus on crippling enemy monsters' Power before the battle phase. This way, it is much more easier to destroy them. This is also very effective against decks that have key cards with less than 1500 Power, like Sneak cards.

       To maximize the Cripple All effect, Immune All Spells are used to prevent Power loss and damages. For more information on how to construct a Cripple All deck, read more below.

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- Cripple All Deck (Heavy/Lesser Duel Points) -

Cripple All Effect
     - All your Opponent's monsters lose Power.

     - If you need help about Card Effects, go here: Monster and Spell Card Effects

Main Monster Cards ( Choose 9 or 10 Cards)

Ushi Oni (35 DP)
     - Fiend/Dark - 2100 Power / 1500 Life Points
     - Cripple All 600 and Backfire 700

Air Eater (23 DP)
     - Zombie/Wind - 2100 Power / 1000 Life Points
     - Cripple All 400 and Feeble 600

Maiden of the Moonlight (17 DP or Craft)
     - Spellcaster/Wind - 1200 Power / 800 Life Points
     - Destroy Spell and Cripple All 200
     - Mainly for destroying Spells like Mirror Force or Raigeki.

Happy Lover (12 DP)
     - Fairy/Light - 800 Power / 500 Life Points
     - Cripple All 700 and Timidity 700
     - Use your Immune All spells to prevent the Timidity effect.

Other Optional/Alternative Monster Cards

King Fog (21 DP)
     - Fiend/Dark - 1800 Power / 1000 Life Points
     - Cripple All 500 and Feeble all 300

Dark King of the Abyss (180 CP)
     - Fiend/Dark - 1200 Power / 800 Life Points
     - Cripple All 500 and Feeble all 300

Crow Goblin (103 CP)
     - Winged Beast/Wind - 600 Power / 100 Life Points
     - First Strike 500 and Cripple All 500
     - Great Cripple All effect but has low Life Points.

Barrel Rock (15 DP) NEW!
     - Rock/Earth - 1000 Power / 2100 Life Points
     - Cripple All 400

Main Spell Cards (Limit to 5 or 6 Cards)

White Hole (40 DP)
     - Immune All: You monsters can't lose Power or can be destroyed. Takes effect at Round start.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 23.

Waboku (16 DP)
     - Immune All and Backfire 1000
     - If you think you can take the 1000 Backfire, add 1 to ensure your monster's Power growth.
     - Note: Waboku's "Immune All" will take effect first before the "Backfire" and other effects!

Vile Germs (13 DP) NEW!
     - Cripple All 300 and Backfire 100

Raigeki (50 DP)
     - Annihilate your opponent's monsters!

Other Optional/Alternative Spell Cards

Mirror Force (34 DP)
     - Special: If a card is played in this channel, all your opponent's monsters are destroyed.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 19
     - Included in the  Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

Just Desserts (11 DP)
     - Special: At round start, if there are 3 monsters on your opponent's side, your opponent loses
1500 Life Points.
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

- Sample Cripple All Deck and Duel Strategies -

Total Life Points: 10,100 LP
       This deck is simple, just deploy your monsters on the field then watch them cripple your
opponent's monsters before the main battle phase. Protect them with your Immune All spells to disable the "Feeble", "Feeble All" and "Timidity" effects.

     - The range of your Cripple All damage output is around 1000 to 1900 per monster, so if your opponent's monsters are lower than or within this range, you can relax this turn. This is the reason why I removed Raigeki and Mirror Force because they are almost unusable.

     - Note that cards with Boost All and Immune All effect will activate first before Cripple All.

     - If you don't mind those Mirror Force and Raigeki hitting your monsters, then you may
also replace Maiden of the Moonlight cards with King Fog cards.

Suggested Card Placements ("if available")
     - Maiden of the Moonlight: left most channel (to destroy spell cards like Mirror Force).
     - Ushi Oni: right most channel (to avoid activating drain effect).
     - Waboku: right most channel (to avoid activating drain effect).
     - Other Cards: Anywhere

Using Side Deck Cards
     - If your opponent's deck is using a common Monster Type or Attribute, Check the Shop
for "Annihilate" spell cards that can destroy that Monster Type or Attribute.
     - Example: "Exile of the Wicked" spell card annihilates or destroys all Fiends!

Share your own customized deck in the comments section too! ^^

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