BloodRealm - Making Fun, Inc.'s Online Game

Online Game: BloodRealm
- Publisher: Making Fun, Inc. and
Redpoint Labs
- Facebook Game Application
- CCG-Cards Game / Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about BloodRealm's Gameplay and Battle Play Features. In Bloodrealm, you send Champions to destroy the Gods. Only you can end their tyranny. 
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- Gameplay -
BloodRealm - Facebook Game Description
       Conquer the world and kill the Gods in this epic card collecting game. Craft
items, collect cards, manage an empire and battle your friends!
Game Features
     - Build a powerful empire and conquer the vast world of evil and magic.
     - Collect spoils of battle to increase Resources.
     - Recruit Champions (cards) with unique abilities and construct powerful decks.
     - Collect Allies and Spell cards to reinforce your Champions.
     - Visit the Marketplace and Purchase Card Packs to get more cards.
     - Claim and Craft Items with special abilities and equip them to your Champions.
     - Battle with friends or other players around the world.

- Battle Play -

       BloodRealm is a collectible card game (CCG) where players can build custom decks
according to their preferences. A single deck has a maximum of 24 cards and you are only allowed to add up to 3 copies of the same card.
       BloodRealm's battle play is a turn based card battle. Each turn, you and your opponent will
gain "Mana" to summon allies, and "Blood" to activate Special Abilities.

     - Always remember that your Champion will only attack the opposing Champion. Allies will
automatically attack the enemy ally in the slot opposing them. If there is no enemy ally on that slot, it will attack the enemy Champion instead.
     - To spice up the duels, cards have their own set of effects that can turn the tides of battle.
Some are permanent, and some effects goes away after a number turns.

     - To better understand what is going on during battle, you should familiarize yourself to the
different abilities and effects. Mastering them will give you a clear view of the battlefield. This will also help you set goals and strategies.

     - To view the full list of ally card effects, go here: BloodRealm: List of Card Effects
     - For more information about cards and battles, refer to the link below.