BloodRealm: Starter's Story Mode Walkthrough Guide

       Follow the tutorial to learn the the basic features of the game. By default, you will be controlling Guru Ka Starter Deck as your first Champion Card and deck. Guru Ka deck focuses on Healing Damages and Destruction.

     The walkthrough guide below is not thorough and stated decks and recommendations below
are just suggestions. Items are not used but feel free to use them.

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- Game Walkthrough Guide -

       Before we begin, I recommend to check the links below to learn the basics and advanced
features of the game. Treat them as an additional information to better understand BloodRealm.
     - BloodRealm Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info
     - BloodRealm: List of Card Effects

Pack Leader - Nature
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Tutorial

Giant Treant - Nature/Shadow
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Tutorial

Diana - Order/Shadow/Nature
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Use Annihilate to Destroy Awakened Earth.

- Conquer Iberia! -

Highwaymen - Chaos/Shadow
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Simply use Burning Pitch to Destroy All Highwaymen Cards placed in the ally slots.

Gladiator Hero - Light/Chaos
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Just concentrate on destroying his allies. Heal your allies if needed.

Cavalry - Order/Chaos
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Guru Ka's Special Ability will greatly help you here.

Minotaur - Chaos/Nature
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Minotaur have lower Health than you but this one can do some damage. Heal your
Champion while eliminating your enemies.

Terminus. - Chaos/Order
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - You are up against a Champion with lots of anti creature spells so Heal your Champion
while eliminating your enemies.
     - Use your Flame Spout on Archer Adept.

Mars - Chaos/Order/Shadow
     - Champion: Guru Ka
     - Try to overwhelm him with 2 or 3 allies to increase damage per turn.
     - If Minotaur shows up, eliminate it by using your Annihilate or any anti-creature spells.

       Now that you have conquered another Province, it's time to get a new Champion. Go to
the Marketplace > Champions Tab. Do not buy any Packs for now.
     - Buy "Keeper Champion and Starter Deck" for 3000 Silver.
     - Buy "Lora Champion and Starter Deck" for 3000 Silver.
     - You should be able to buy those 2 starter decks at this point of the game.

     - Edit your Keeper Deck and add Treant Goliath and Dusk Bolt.
     - Edit your Lora Deck and add Griffon and Legionnaire.
     - It's up to you which cards to replace and don't forget to save.
     - For newbies, it's better to maintain the default balance: 12 Creatures and 12 Spells.

- Conquer Thrace! -

       You can change your current Champion in the Mission Brief screen. Click the "Change
Champion" option below your Champion's Portrait. For Items, equip them to any Champions you prefer.
     - Note: From now on, you can choose any deck you want to use.

       The Keeper deck aims to cripple the Strength of your enemies while your Champion gains
more Strength by using his Special Ability. To maximize your Entropy cards, use them on enemy allies with 1~2 Strength. Next, just ignore those cards and let them take up space. This way, the enemy Champion will not be able to summon more powerful allies.

White Mage - Light/Order (South)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - This Mage can use Blast effect to deal damage to your creatures. Destroy them as soon
as possible. You Mummy cards will do the trick here.
     - Use Keeper's Demonic Pact every time you reach the required amount of Blood. Reach 6
Strength to ensure your win.

High Inquisitor - Light/Chaos/Order (South)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - Use Entropy on those High Inquisitors with Reflect then ignore them.
     - Use Keeper's Special Ability and reach 6 Strength to win.

Ancestral Hero - Light/Shadow (South)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - Ignore those Willow Wisps and Use your Entropy cards wisely.
     - Just continue what you were doing from your previous battles.

Guardian Angel - Light/Nature (South)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - This Angel can increase her allies' Strength so Entropy is not very effective here. Use
your Entangle and Infect cards.
     - Use Dusk Bolt on the enemy Champion.
     - Continue on and win before she can produce high damaging allies!

Vangelies. - Light/Mythic (South)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - Use Entropy on Crusaders then ignore them. Do not destroy enemy allies like the Orcale
or Enchantress card with only 1 Strength, just ignore them.
     - Use Dusk Bolt or Entangle on the enemy Champion.
     - Refer below for sample Keeper deck strategy and end game battle.
Appolo - Light/Order/Mythic (South)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - Appolo can Heal but it should not be a problem. You will be facing enemy allies that you
have encountered before.
     - Just do what you have learned from your previous battles.

       You have conquered another Province! Assign a Protector here to protect your income.
       - Collect your Provinces and try to Raid to increase your Resources.

- Conquer Raetia! -

Enchantress - Mythic/Chaos (North)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - She will use Shield to reduce your damages per turn so overwhelm her with your allies.
Use Keeper's Special Ability and reach 6 Strength to win.

Fallen Fairy - Mythic/Nature (North)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - This Fairy can regenrate the health of her allies but you can also use Entropy to disable
their Strength.
     - Destroy those Blue Hag cards before they can corrupt all your Blood.
     - Use same strategy and ignore those Grove Luminary cards.

Gorgon Sister - Mythic/Shadow (North)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - She can also use Entropy cards and uses the same strategy.
     - Eliminate Malice Fiend cards or put an opposing ally before they Infect your Champion.
     - If Infect doesn't work on your Champion, use Entropy on them instead.

Talos - Mythic/Order (North)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - Talos' Special Ability is very deadly to your allies, but you can still pass this by using
Keeper's strategy.
     - Use Entropy on enemy allies with 2 or less Stength (except Battlemage) then ignore them.

Celene. - Nature/Light (North)
     - Champion: Keeper
     - Celene.'s Special Ability is similar to your Entropy card but this one can also deal some
damage!, but...
     - Almost all of her allies have less than 3 Strength so just use same strategy and cast all
spells specially Dusk Bolt on her.

Venus - Light/Mythic/Nature (North)
     - Note, Venus' Special Ability can also stun your Champion.
     - Same strategy applies and also Place Druid Priest against Enchantress to block her for a
couple of turns.
     - Mist Weaver is untargetable so place any ally to destroy her.
     - Use Dusk Bolt on the enemy Champion.
     - It is also possible to increase Keeper's strength to 8 here!

       Congratulations! You just conquered another Province. At this point, I'm sure you  are out
of Champions, but it's ok, you can still collect the resources here.


- Conquer Galatia! -

       From here on, I recommend that you spend your Silver for buying Basic and Advanced
Packs. Buy Elite Packs if you are comfortable on spending 25,000 Silver. Strengthen your 3 decks first instead of getting new Champions. This is better specially when you are getting constant Raids.
     - Collect Provinces or Raid your Friends or other players to get more Resources.

Refer to the links below for Guru Ka, Keeper and Lora deck builds.
     - Guru Ka Card Packs and Deck Builds
     - Keeper Card Packs and Deck Builds
     - Lora Card Packs and Deck Builds

       Continue on to the game using what you have learned from your previous battles. Try to
complete the suggested decks above to increase your winning rates. Experiment and try other cards too to get your preferred custom deck.
     - Use Guru Ka if your opponent is packed with high Strength and Health allies.
     - Use Keeper if your opponent's deck has many 3 or less Strength allies.
     - Use Lora if your opponent's Champion has low Health. She is good at Rush attacks.
     - Use your equipped Items too.
     - Good luck and Keep on Conquering!

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