Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: How to Beat all Type Decks in Duel Stars Challenge

      Cards are still very limited and some of the useful ones can only be obtained by spending Duel Points. So, how are we going to beat all the Specified Type Decks around?

       The answer is simple, we will try to create a single deck using Coins, Card Points and Free Cards from rewards that can beat all specified type decks! Curious? Refer below to learn more! 

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- Requiem's Shared Fate Deck -

Duel Stars: (Type of Deck) Only
     - This deck is customized for beating Duel Stars - Monster Type Only/Attribute Only
nodes like Dragon Only, Spellcaster Only, Fiend Only, Beast-Warrior Only, Insect Only and so on.

     - All except Monsters Only and Spells Only nodes. Refer here for suggested decks for
other Duel Stars Challenge Rules: Suggested Decks for Duel Stars Challenge

     - The Rule: (Specified Monster Type/Attribute) Only: All your Monsters of a different Type
than the specified cards are destroyed when played.

       This guide will focus on using a single Deck with lots of side deck cards while using the
Rules as an advantage! This is really tricky but this guide will show you how.
     - Requiem and Shared Fate effects activates when destroyed so these cards are perfect.

- Requiem's Shared Fate Main Deck -
Monster Cards
       First, we will create the main deck. Focus more on using Requiem Cards. They are your
main destroyers.
     - Choose Requiem cards that have high Requiem damage and decent Life Points.
     - Do not add any monster cards that have the "Sorrow" effect!
     - Next, add 3 or 4 Shared Fate cards that have decent Life Points and use them as your back
up for destroying high Powered monsters.

     - Refer to the sample deck screenshot above. Note: all cards above can be obtained from
rewards, by using Card Points and some Free Duel Points (Mirror Force). You can get 1 Mirror Force at Chapter 19) and one more by purchasing the Special Spells Pack from the Shop (recommended).

Spell Cards
       For Spell Cards, just add 1 or 2 Mirror Force and 1 Fake Trap. That's all you need.
     - If you only have 1 Mirror Force, just add another Requiem card.

Side Deck Cards
     - Did you notice that empty card slot above? Yes, that slot belongs to the Monster card that
you will use to finish the duel and win!
     - Example:
     - If a Duel Stars Challenge Node has a "Dragon Only" rule, go to your card pool and
choose any Dragon card that doesn't have any negative effects like Backfire, Feeble or Self Destruct (preferably with decent Power and Life Points).
     - Put that card into your deck then go and win the Duel Star. After that, check the next Duel
Stars Challenge node's "Type Deck Only" rule then replace the Side Deck Card again.
     - Don't forget to hit the "Save" and "Activate" buttons before exiting to make sure.

- Requiem's Shared Fate Duel Strategies -

       Your aim is to destroy all monsters first then if you are 100% sure that your opponent
doesn't have any monsters left, place the Side Deck Card to finish the duel! Cool eh!?

     - To make this work, do not spam your space bar! Conserve your monster cards and place
what is needed. Try to anticipate your opponent's moves too for better results.
     - 1 or 2 Requiem Cards is enough (depends on your opponent's Power), do not put any
Shared Fate cards for now.
     - Use your Shared Fate cards to destroy high Powered monsters. Place 1 or 2 cards if you have
less than 2 Requiem cards on the field.
     - If you have the Side Deck Card on your hand, do not place it until you are sure that you have
destroyed all monsters. If you are sure, place it on an empty channel to avoid your opponent's spell cards.

     - If your opponent is using White Holes or Wabokus, replace your Mirror Force cards
with Requiem Cards. It is better because they activate first before those White Holes.
     - Place your Face Trap Card below your opponent's permanent spells to deal steady damage.
This card is also your safety net in case your "Side Deck Card" get destroyed by those Horn of Heaven spell or any Anti-creature spells. Spam the BAM button if you think you can win using your Face Trap!

Chapter 22: Spellcaster Only Node NEW!
     - If you are having trouble with this all monster Dragon Deck, replace your Fake Trap with 1
Horn of Heaven spell (300 Duel Stars Reward).
     - Replace any Spellcaster card you have (except the Side Deck Card) you are using with any
non-Spellcaster with Requiem or Shared Fate effect.

     - If you are having trouble with Zombie Only or Dark Only nodes, refer below for more info.

- Requiem's Shared Fate Side Deck -

Zombie Only and Dark Only
     - Since most cards in the deck are Zombies and Dark, they will not get destroyed! It is still
possible to continue on with this deck though but if you are having trouble at higher Chapters, tweak the deck and add some Side Deck Cards.

      - Most Zombie cards have Dark attribute so I suggest this customized Side Deck for
completing Zombie Only and Dark Only nodes.
      - Get Temple of Skulls to give your monsters some huge boosts.
      - Replace monster cards that you don't have below with any similar card.
       Note: all cards above can be obtained from rewards, by using Card Points and some Free
Duel Points (Mirror Force). Good Luck and Happy Playing!

(Type of Deck) Only Challenge - Node Locations
       If you are looking for locations, go here: Duel Stars Challenge - Type Deck Locations