Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Solution to "Create Your First Deck" Objective and How to Sell Cards

       Here's a little alternative to help Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM players complete their stucked objectives at the early stage of the game. Follow the steps below to complete the "Create Your First Deck" Objective. This will also solve the "Sell Cards" not appearing at the SHOP options.

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- How to Complete the "Create Your First Deck" Objective -

       Please follow the the steps below in order to make it work.

Go to Your Deck Building Interface
     - Here you will be prompted to follow a tutorial on how to create a deck, but instead of
following it, just click the X or OK button to close the window.

Select an Empty Deck
     - Click the "Starter Deck" to bring down the list of decks.
     - Select any "Empty" Deck or Slot from the list.
     - Rename your new deck or simply click OK.

Follow the Tutorial
     - Now click those blinking highlighted cards until a new prompt will show up.
     - Next, click "Activate" to use the deck as your "Custom Deck".
     - The game should load a bit and a new tutorial will show up!
     - Select any filter that you want from the highlighted "Filter" list.

Accept the Reward!
     - If you did all the steps above, a reward will show up!
     - Click OK to complete the "Create Your First Deck" Objective! Yeah, Finally! ^^

- How to Sell Cards? -

       If you have completed the steps above, just visit the SHOP and the "Sell" option should be

available now! Yeah, Finally! ^^

       Good Luck and  Happy Playing!

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