Pockie Ninja II Social: Trial - A Place to Get Gold Ninja Packs

       As you progress through the game, Pockie Ninja II Social will introduce a new game feature that will test your village's top ninjas!
       Take the challenge and battle your way through the different floors in the Trial Place. Encounter unfamiliar skills, ninjas and team-ups to hone your battle strategies through those 100+ floors!

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- The Trial Place -

How to Unlock Trial Place
     - Requires a level 20 village.
     - When reached, a new icon will appear similar to the one below.
       Upon entering the trial place, you will be prompted to arrange your ninja array formation. If
you have done it in the Arena, you may not do it again. 

Managing Your Ninja Formation
     - Each floor will have different strengths or force. For starters, it's best not to engage enemy
with higher total force. You can view your Force and your Enemy's Force in the Trial screen.
     - If you want to adjust your ninjas for best results, go to the "Manage Array" screen by
clicking the "Adjust Array" button.
     - When arranging formations, always remember the pattern above.
     - If you don't know which ninjas you will be facing with next, go to the Trial screen and look
for the "Current Enemy" information.

Change or Upgrade Array
     - Click the "Manage Array" icon to bring out the "Array" window.
     - Here you can choose any array formation that you want to use for your ninjas.
     - Choose what suits your playing style.
     - To upgrade the array formations, you will need to reach a certain level and a number of
array stones.
     - You can get Array Stones from lucky draws at the Arena, events and more.

Manual and Auto Challenge
     - Trial Battles will not requires any Chakra or Ryo.
     - Manual (Start Challenge) will let you view the fight. Note that trial battles are all automatic.
     - Auto-Challenge will bring out another window showing your progress through the floors. If it
reaches the highest floor that your reached from manual challenge, it will stop. You can still get
the rewards automatically.

- The Rewards -

Single Rewards
       Ninja EXP and Ryo will be awarded with each floor's victory. Rewards will increase as
floor number rises.

Lucky Draw Rewards
       Raffle will open every 10 successful floor challenges. Refer below for Possible
Raffle Rewards!

Gold Ninja Pack: can obtain rare gold ninja
Red Ninja Pack: can obtain rare red ninja
EXP Pill: can increase ninja EXP
Aptitude Pill: can reset ninja aptitude randomly
Revival Talisman: can revive during the trial
Double EXP Pill: can increase EXP gained in the combat
Village EXP: can increase EXP of the main city.
Chakra: can increase Chakra.
Various amount of Ryo: can increase village Ryo