Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Invade and Remove Invasions

       In Pockie Ninja II Social - tactical game, the game offers an invasion feature where players can show their village's might in battle. Successful invasions will also give rewards that players can use around their village. Refer below to learn more on how to invade your friends!

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- Guide to Invading Friends -

     - Your village must be at least level 15 to enter the invasion wars.
     - You can only invade level 15 and above villages.
     - You cannot invade villages that are 15 levels below your village's level.
     - Requires 500 Ryo and 5 Chakra per invasion attempt.
     - The village that you want to invade is not under "Protection".
     - Some villages will get auto protection if they have heavy unrepelled invasions!

     - Invading friends will give you a great amount of Ryo, Materials and Black Hearts!
     - Every after 4 hours, you can collect taxes from invaded villages for more bonuses.
     - Taxing invaded villages is one of the fastest way to earn Ryo without spending chakra!
     - Click the Icon similar below to view your "Invasion List".
     - Since, not everyone is OK with the invasions, It is recommend to invade empty spaces or
non-production buildings if possible. You will still get the rewards when collecting tax.
     - For best results, invade players that are not active anymore. Look for players that doesn't
move a level after a week or two. Target their main village building to get the highest Ryo!
     - If you are having a hard time repelling invasions from your village, try the methods below.

- Guide to Repelling or Removing Invasions  -

Activate Protection
     - Click the icon similar above, then click "Activate".
     - Note: All successful invasions will be automatically withdrawn including yours.

Manual Resist
     - If you want to resist them using your own ninjas, click the "Yes" button when prompted.
Invite Friends SOS!
     - Invite 3 friends to fill up the slots. This is very handy if you can't repel them alone.

Wait for Friends
     - You can also wait for your powerful friends to help you resist the invasion.
     - This will also help them complete invasion related quests.

Remove Friend!
     - This is not recommended and is totally optional. Manually unfriend him/her from your
Facebook account. This is totally up to you.

Invasion Immunity Trick! NEW!
     - Here's a little trick that you can do to become immune from invasions!
     - First, you will need a friend to invade your village to set up the immunity.
     - Let your friend invade an empty space (no buildings to invade). Expand your village if you
need more space.
     - Next, let another friend resist that invasion for you. Do not repel it yourself!
     - Enter the game but do not do anything around the invaded area. Just let it stay in there.
     - This way, other players will just see a "No more invades on the village!" message when they
try to invade your village! LOL ^^

Other Tips
     - If you don't have enough active friends, make sure to put a non-production building next
to your Main Village Building (the big one at the left most part of your screen), because most of the time, players will invade your main village building to get higher rewards.

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