Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: How to Level Fast - Objectives Guide

       Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM offers a different way of leveling up, instead of gaining experience points to fill up experience bars, you'll just need to complete a number of objectives with specific requirements while playing. To learn how to complete these tasks or quests, refer below for more information.

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- How to Level Up Fast -

       Leveling up is also important specially at early game, to instantly replenish 100 Energy in
your Energy bar for more gaming time. To gain more levels, you'll need to complete objectives, and to complete more objectives, you'll need to have more Energy or friends.

How to Get More Energy
     - Replenishes over time. 1 Energy per 1 minute.
     - Gifts from friends. To check your gifts, click the "Notifications" menu (upper left corner).
     - You can buy some at the store but it's better not to. Earn your DPs for powerful cards!
     - You can also get some rare Energy items from nodes.
How to Invite More Friends
     - Click the "Invite Friends" bar at the upper section of your game screen.
     - Comment with "Add Me" on any Yu-Gi-Oh BAM guides here at UrGameTips.com.

- Objectives Guide -

       Check your objectives at the bottom of your game screen. Complete to unlock more tasks.
Complete Tutorials
     - Unlock paths to reach the Tutorial nodes.

Reach the end node of the given Chapter (End Node)
     - Unlock paths to reach the "END" node.

Win a number of Duels
     - Enter Duel Nodes to complete this task.
     - Looks like Friend duels and ambushes doesn't count.
     - You must also win to get a point.

Win a number of ambushes
     - Move around the map to find Ambush nodes. If you can't find any, unlock more nodes.
     - After winning the duel, move around that same node to get ambushed again.
     - If you lose, click on "Try Again".

Duel with friends a number of times
     - Win or Lose, you'll still get a point.

Win a number of duels against  friends
     - Choose lower leveled players than you.
     - You must win to earn a point here.

Use a friend to help you in battle a number times
     - Click on "GET HELP" every time you start a turn.
     - Number of times = number of clicks.

Reach number of Coins in your Wallet
     - Win Duels, Sell Cards, Complete Objectives and more.

Purchase a number of cards
     - Go to SHOP: Filters > ALL > Spells > Coins
     - Buy the cheapest card available until you reach the number of cards required.

Collect a number of cards
     - Collect from treasure nodes, gifts and more.
     - You can also purchase cards from the Shop. Refer to the above objective.

Sell a number of cards
     - Sell those cards you purchased above. =P

Collect a number of Treasures
     - Enter Chapter nodes and reach those treasure nodes.

Challenges NEW!
     - Side-Chapters that can be accessed through the blue nodes.

Crafting NEW!
     - Access the Crafting through the button next to the shop.
     - Pick the cheapest "Coins" only crafting recipe to quickly finish the job.

Earn Number of Stars  NEW!
     - Stars are earned by replaying a duel that's already been completed.