Marvel: Avengers Alliance: How to Unlock ISO-8 Technology

       As you progress through the game, Iso-8 or Isotope-8 technology items will become available to increase your Agent's or Heroes' stats. In order to unlock these powerful items, you need to complete specific tasks or quests first. Refer below to learn how.

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- Isotope-8 Technology -

How to Unlock Iso-8
     - Go on through Chapter 1 until the task below shows up.
     - This will unlock a new research topic in your Research Page. If you still don't have access
to the Research Page, refer here first: How to Unlock Research Section
     - After finishing the task above, you will be given a new task called "Augmentation".
     - Follow the tutorial to learn how to socket Iso-8 items into Uniforms (Agents and Heroes).

How to Get More Iso-8 Items
     - In order to gain more powerful Iso-8 items, you need to research all of them first.
     - After researching, check the Store > Resources and purchase unlocked Iso-8 items.
     - Researching technologies will be important in unlocking additional boosts, so be sure to
check the Research section to see what is available.

Some Notes
     - When socketing an Iso-8 item, the item will become permanent.
     - When replacing an existing Iso-8 item, that old Iso-8 item will disappear.
     - Feel free to socket available Iso-8 items since it might take a while before you can unlock
higher tier Iso-8 items.

Simple Suggestions: Iso-8 for Heroes
     - Almost all Heroes will benefit from Health stat increase.
     - Increase your Hero's weaknesses like Accuracy stat.
     - or Increase your Hero's strengths like Attack stat.
     - or you can increase both weaknesses and strengths.
     - For more info, go here: Suggested ISO-8 Stats for Heroes

- Iso-8 Sockets for Agents and Heroes -

Iso-8 Sockets for Agent Uniforms
     - The number of sockets depends on the Agent's Uniform.
     - To get more sockets, you must research, buy and equip higher tier uniforms.
     - Check the Store > Uniforms for newly unlocked uniforms.
     - Note that Generalist uniforms doesn't need to be researched. Check them out at the
Store every 15 levels.

Iso-8 Sockets for Heroes
     - Iso-8 sockets will become available as that hero gains levels. Refer below.

     - Level 1:  1st Ability Learned
     - Level 2:  2nd Ability Learned
     - Level 3:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 4:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 5:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 6:  3rd Ability Learned
     - Level 7:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 8:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 9:  4th Ability Learned
     - Level 10:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 11:  New ISO-8 Socket
     - Level 12:  New ISO-8 Socket

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