Marvel: Avengers Alliance: How to Achieve Perfection - High Battle Scores

       At the end of each battle you will receive a battle score. This score is a total of a few different scores and multipliers. Refer below to learn how your score is calculated to get the highest rating "Perfection". Boss fights and regular battles differ in score sheets.

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- "Perfection" Battle Score -

       To review the details of your score after a battle, click the "Details" option below your total
score and rating. You will be able to see the following scores and multipliers. Check out below and see how you can increase your battle scores!

     - Bonus for winning the battle with a high amount of health.

     - Bonus for dealing more damage than is needed to win.

     - Bonus for finishing the battle in a low number of turns.
     - Try to finish the battle as fast as you can.

     - Your base score after wining the battle.

Body Count
     - Bonus for the number of enemies that you defeated.

Perfect Strategy
     - Bonus given for receiving zero damage during the whole fight.

     - Bonus for not using "Recharge" during the fight.
     - Use items instead to get this bonus.

     - Bonus for each One-Hit-Kill.

Team-Bonus (depends on your team-ups)
     - Asgard, Assemble!, Bloodlust, X-Force and more.
     - Explore more by combining different heroes that have something in common.

     - Use at least 5 items during the fight.

Survival Multiplier
     - Multiples your score by the total number of heroes that remain standing after the fight.
     - Whole team survived  = Score x3

Boss Fight Multiplier (Threat)
     - Multiples your score by the threat level of the enemies you defeated.
     - Low Threat Missions = Score x1
     - Medium Threat Missions = Score x1.5
     - High Threat Missions = Score x2

Boss Fight Multiplier (Boss Fights Only)
     - 1 Boss = Score x5
     - 2 Bosses = Score x10 (also known as 2 Birds)
     - 3 Bosses = Score x15 (also known as 3 Birds)

Mini-Boss Fight Multiplier
     - Score x3
     - Avoid fighting Mini-Bosses to get higher score on Boss fights.

Epic Boss Fight Multiplier
     - Score x10

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