Monster Galaxy: Pride of the Valkyries Quests and Guide

       Here's a simple guide for the new event quests in Monster Galaxy - Pride of the Valkyries. Note that this event is only available this month - June 2012! Grab your chance now and Good luck playing your favorite social game on Facebook!

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- Pride of the Valkyries: Part 1 Quests -

     - Head to Cydonia Castle

Spooking a Specter
     - Re-enter Cydonia Castle and defeat Spike's team.

Hold the Castle
     - Stay and defend Cydonia Castle from 5 waves of Gondulas.
     - Defeat Gondula's team 5 times.

Bravely Run Away
     - Go to Spiral Road and defeat them.

Rescue Edgar
     - Find and capture Edgar!
     - Location: Can be found randomly anywhere. Recommended Place: Spiral Road
     - Edgar is a Beginner Moga with 59% maximum capture rate. Good luck! ^^

- Pride of the Valkyries: Part 2 Quests -

Blackglow Hideout!
     - Enter the Spiral Cave and head to Blackglow.

Haunted Ghost
     - Re-enter Blackglow and defeat Heartache's team 5 times!
     - Use your whistles when Gremlin is under "Fast Feet" buff to hit him 100%.

Call in the Expert
     - Head to Windhym Flowerpit.

Bait for a Devil
     - Find and a Capture Devilbait!
     - Recommended Location: Windhym Flowerpit
     - Devilbait is a Rare Moga with 29% maximum capture rate. Good luck! ^^

Sowed with Evil
     - Re-enter Windhym Flowerpit to accept the challenge.


- Pride of the Valkyries: Part 3 Quests -

Stop for Directions
     - Enter the Spiral Cave and head to Blackglow.

Capture the Compass
     - Find and capture a magical Moga Compass called Seidh.
     - Recommended Location: Mega Hole
     - Seidh is an Epic Moga with 9% maximum capture rate! Good luck! ^^

Shieldmaiden Stand
     - Location: Can be found randomly anywhere.
     - Defeat Shieldmaiden's team
     - Use your whistles when Shieldmaiden  is under "Fast Feet" buff to hit him 100%.

See Gondula Run
     - Find and capture Gondula.
     - Location: Can be found randomly anywhere.
     - Gondula is a Super-Rare Moga with 19% maximum capture rate! Good luck! ^^

They Fight as One
     - Find and defeat Walkyrien's (Galactic Moga) team!
     - LocationCan be found randomly anywhere.

       Note: Other Mogas encountered can be obtained from the Sky Shop.

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