Pockie Ninja II Social: Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Refer here to learn the game's basic and advanced features to help you throughout the game. The game offers some simple tutorials at the start of the game to guide you with the game's features and items. Refer below to learn more.

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- Game Basics and Navigation -

Village EXP and Level
     - Increase your village's level to unlock more game features!
     - Increases harvest
     - Unlocks more kinds of advanced buildings, plots or story maps.
     - How to Gain More EXP
     - Acquire new buildings then construct and upgrade buildings.
     - Collect or Harvest from story plots that are already passed.
     - Complete quests and get rewards. Also through battles (ex. invasion, rescue and more).

     - The most important factor in the game. Works like Energy.
     - Consumed when collecting, building, upgrading buildings and battling.
     - Chakra replenishes over time and can be restored with items from friends.
     - Visit your friends and assist their village to gain Chakra.
     - Automatically fills up after leveling up.
     - Can be randomly collected from buildings, battles, quests and more.
     - Note: If you are about to level up and you still have a high amount of Chakra left, go to the
EXP House and spend some Chakra. You can't get any Village EXP points from the EXP House.

Prosperity Level
     - Unlocks buildings in the mall.
     - You can buy all kinds of village buildings, ninjas and items at the mall.
     - Build decorations to increase your village's prosperity.

Ryo and Gold (Game Currency)
     - Ryo is the most used currency for purchasing regular buildings, ninjas and more.
     - How to Gain More Ryo
     - Harvest village and from Production buildings.
     - Trough battling, invading or assisting friends.
     - Complete quests and more!
     - Go here for more info: Pockie Ninja II Social: Fast Ryo Farming Guide
     - Gold is used for purchasing premium items and game features (real cash).

Quests and Plots
- Complete quests to learn how to play the game. Basic tutorials will be given at the start. Follow them as your guide trough the game.
- Complete quests to gain Ryo, EXP, Materials, Buildings, Decors, Skills, Ninjas and more.
- The Plot or Story button will give access to combat maps.

- Daily Rewards and Bonuses -

Send and Request Gifts
     - Send more gifts to friends! You'll receive the same gifts in return!
     - You can get rare items from Mystic gifts!
     - Ask friends for gifts to gain more items for free!
     - You can send gifts to 20 friends every day (including gifts in return).
Invite Friends
- Every friend invitation you send will grant you 1 entry for free lucky draw! (after battles)
- Friends Invitation Gifts: Invite friends to reach the number of friend invites required.

Visit Friends
     - Assist your friends to gain extra rewards like Chakra!
     - Also drops "friendliness" to fill up the friendliness bar.
     - Invading your friends will fill up your "Sin level" bar.
Emails: You can receive 200 rewards sharing emails every day!
Online Gift Box: Claim every after the cool-down ends to receive more rewards.

Village Rewards: Available once a day. Click the Hokage like building from the left side corner.
Growth Pack (Bag): Randomly receive an upgrading rewards to get a chance to win Red Ninja.
Newbie Pack (Bag): Open at certain levels to gain lots of freebies.
Continuous Login Pack: Claim Daily Login Rewards.

Redeem Rewards
     - Collect a set of items to get rewards. For more information click the icon similar above.
The Bonus Meter
- Move your mouse over the collected items on the ground to fill up
the bonus meter or bar.
- The higher you get, the more Ryo you will obtain.
Daily Active Point (Bar)
     - Fill up the bar with points by doing various things in the game to get rewards!
     - Treat this as your "to do" list.

Harvesting and Collecting
     - Normally, you can collect a lot of things from your buildings and from battles.
     - To Harvest, you need first to complete a plot to start harvesting.
     - Completing a Story Mode will also give you some rewards!

- Pockie (Naruto Characters) Ninjas -

Ninja Button
     - Click to see your ninja's information, ninjutsus and enhancements.
     - How to Recruit Ninjas
     - Refer here to learn more: How to Recruit, Acquire or Get Ninjas

Ninja Force
     - Determines your ninja's strength in battle. The value of Force depends on your ninja's Level,
Attack/HP Enhance, Aptitude, Skills and Equipments.

Ninja's Aptitude
     - The higher a ninja's aptitude is, the more attributes can be boosted while upgrading and
enhancing. Don't worry after changing your ninja's aptitude or growth rate, your attributes will
automatically adjust themselves.

Ninja Profession and Quality
     - Ninja quality: Gold Ninjas > Red Ninjas > Purple Ninjas > Blue Ninjas
     - Taijutsu beats Weapon ninjas, Weapon beats Ninjutsu and Ninjutsu beats Taijutsu.
Damage will increase to 150%.
     - If a Ninjutsu hits a Weapon ninja, Weapon hits Taijutsu abd Taijutsu hit Ninjutsu, damage
will get lowered to 50%.
     - If Ninjutsu hits a Ninjutsu ninja and so on, no damage bonus.

     - Taijutsu Ninjas
     - Only attacks nearby enemies (also applies to all skills). They have high movement.

     - Weapon Ninjas
     - Long ranged attackers. They have a balanced movement area.

     - Ninjutsu Ninjas
     - Long ranged attackers. They have the smallest movement area.

Recommended Number of Ninjas
     - At least get 2 Taijutsu ninjas, 2 Weapon ninjas and 2 Ninjutsu ninjas as your Main team.
Start with Purple Ninjas then slowly upgrade to Red or Gold ninjas, avoid Blue ninjas because you can get lots of purple ninjas through the "Daily Active Point" feature.

     - Always use your main team for working and harvesting to get more XP.
     - Remember that you can harvest in the story mode with up to 5 ninjas.

- Quick Ninja Enhancement -

     - Enhance your main team's attributes, aim for 10, 20, 30 (number of enhancements) and so
on as long that you are comfortable with your Ryo spending.
     - Always remember to enhance your ninja's equipments, they are really cheap!
     - For more info, go here: Pockie Ninja II Social: Enhancement Guide

The Quick Guide
     - The quick guide icon will appear around level 12. Click the icon in the game to gain access
to different kinds of ninja recruitment, leveling, enhancing and more!

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