Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Best, Top and Most Used Heroes Per Class

Here's a complete list of Heroes available from the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Playdom's online browser based social game. Refer here to learn the best, top or most used Heroes around the game. The list below is based on gathered observations and suggestions from players.

You can also use this guide to find Heroes with their specific Class type for your Marvel Avengers Alliance Team! Note that to unlock alternative uniforms, you must first buy it's base uniform.

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- Complete List of Heroes and Class -

If you are looking for Heroes that must be recruited to unlock some game features, refer here too: Recommended Heroes to Get
   - Alternative Heroes are alternative uniforms that you can unlock after purchasing their default uniforms. Browse their extended uniforms at the team management page.
   - Locked Heroes: Get only through Limited Time Spec Ops Missions or Tournaments.
   - Heroes Labeled as "Coming Soon!: Limited Heroes that will become available to all players after the event.

Blaster Heroes
Alternative Blaster Heroes
Best/Top/Most Used Blaster Heroes
, or all Event Based and 90+ CP Heroes!

Bruiser Heroes
Alternative Bruiser Heroes
Best/Top/Most Used Bruiser Heroes
All Event Based and 90+ CP Heroes!

Scrapper Heroes
Alternative Scrapper Heroes

Best/Top/Most Used Scrapper Heroes
All Event Based and 90+ CP Heroes!

Infiltrator Heroes
Alternative Infiltrator Heroes
Best/Top/Most Used Infiltrator Heroes
, or all Event Based and 90+ CP Heroes!

Tactician Heroes
Alternative Tactician Heroes
Best/Top/Most Used Tactician Heroes
, or all Event Based and 90+ CP Heroes!

Generalist Heroes
Alternative Generalist Heroes 
Best/Top/Most Used Generalist Heroes
, or all Event Based and 90+ CP Heroes!

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