Cloudstone: Monk Skill Builds and Guide

       They use heals and quick attacks to overcome their foes. Primary attribute: DISCIPLINE. If you want to blow up your enemies up close with critical hits and heal support or strike them from a far with lightning or tornados, then you might like this class!

- Monk Character Class and Skills -

Tier 1
     - Claw Mastery: The percentage return is very low at early or even at mid levels! Leave this
for now. Just use your claw as Power re-generator to use skills for now.

     - HealBomb: A must have skill early game! Max it and use it as your damage spammer! Also compensates your average armor output with Heal!

     - Stretch: Leave it for now. The Discipline increase per point is not that great, maybe later.

Tier 2
     - Power Burst: Good back up skill for Monks. It will force nearby enemies away from you to
give your skills enough time to cool down. The animation speed is a little slow though. Power Burst's Discipline multiplier will not increase per point so maximizing it is really optional, specially for hybrid Monk builds.

     - Improved Healing: At level 5, your healing skills will gain +50% more! Pretty useful under
tight situations, fighting higher level monsters and for hybrid builds!

Tier 3
     - Mass Heal: Heal your party! 1 point is enough if you want to get this. The Discipline
multiplier will not increase per point anyway. Plus, you can use Rejuvenation Plants to heal your party!

     - Express Karma: Works every time an enemy hits you! Consumes 50 Power with 25
seconds cool down. At level 5, the duration increases up to 16 seconds which is very good! (means the actual cool down now is 9 seconds!). Damage over time, is also great while taking damage! Let's say a monster attacks you 3 consecutive times which is pretty common, Express Karma now will also deal 3 skill damages to that monster. 3 skill damages for 50 Power is a great deal! How much more if you still have enough time for other monsters around? It's discipline multiplier will not increase per point so maximizing it is really optional. A pretty sweet deal for critical based Monks too!

     - Bikram Yoga: Better than Stretch. +25 Discipline at level 5.

Tier 4
     - Preemptive Karma: Strikes all visible opponents! This is pretty useful specially for defend
mission zones. 1 point is enough (8 targets) for clearing small fries. Add more if you like, but if you want to use it only for clearing long range monsters, use a staff or a wand instead. It's discipline multiplier will not increase per point so maximizing it is really optional, specially for hybrid Monk builds.

     - Haste: At level 5, it will give you temporary 30% Move Speed and 25% Attack Speed
for 10 seconds. The skill has 30 seconds cool down (too long!) so it's not spammable. Even critical based Hybrid Monks will ignore this and get Berserk from the Warrior skill pool instead.

Tier 5
     - Whirlywind: Summon a violent tornado that wreaks havoc on all enemies in it's path. After
some tests, this skill can actually hit a non-moving enemy 7 times!, but it's kinda disappointing because it's not controllable (moves forward) and the duration is only 3 seconds!
     - The Discipline multiplier is also low, even at level 5 (27+0.14*Discipline). So if you have a
high amount of Discipline let's say 200+, other skills will still out damage Whirlywind, even if it strikes a moving enemy 5 times!

Other Skills
     - Power Up: Very useful early game. It will make your next normal attack a critical hit! It
consumes only 1 Power with 6 seconds cool down. Since you can do criticals more often at Lvl 15+, you might want to remove this skill to save a skill slot for better ones.

- Monk Skill Builds -

Way of the Monk (Pure Build)

     - Main Equipment Stats to look for: (prioritize from left to right) Discipline > Armor > Critical
Hit Rating equipment stats to fully enhance your skill damages and survivability. Collect Healing Potions from your friends or from treasures just in case.
     - Get a Super Fast Claw for better Power gain! Claw can farm Power twice better than other
weapons. This will help you spam your skills!

Way of the Monk (in order)

     - Lvl 2-6: Heal Bomb 5/5
     - Lvl 7-11: Power Burst 5/5 - (If you have a tank or if you are in a defense mission zones).
     - Lvl 12-16: Express Karma 5/5 - (Use this if you are the tank or if you are playing alone).
     - Lvl 17: Preemptive Karma 1/5 - (Best used for defense mission zones).
     - Lvl 18-22: Bikram Yoga 5/5
     - Lvl 23-27: Improved Healing 5/5 - (at this point of the game, things will get nastier).
     - Lvl 28-30: You have 3 more skill points of your choice!

       You may also choose any skills or order that you think is best. Share them below too!

Monk Hybrid Builds

Cloudstone: Critical Based Hybrid Warrior Monk Skill Build
Cloudstone: Hybrid Wizard Monk Skill Build

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