KartRider Dash: How to Win Speed Mode

       In Speed Mode, you are not allowed to gather items from item boxes, but you can still use Nitros to boost up your pace! Refer below to learn more about KartRider Dash's Speed Mode Option.

- Speed Mode -

     - To win the speed mode, all you need to master is Drifting!
     - Refer here to learn how to Drift: KartRider Dash: How to Drift

     - Since you can't use any items in speed mode, drifting is the only way to get a Nitro item. A
full Nitro gauge will give you a Nitro item to use.
     - The tracks will have more corners and nasty curves than any other race modes!

Speed Mode - Single Mode
     - So far, this mode is the hardest race to win. You really need to rely on your drifting skills
to win the race!
     - Riders will be placed in the order they finish.

Speed Mode - Team Mode
     - Wins are determined by your team's total points, based on the placement of each member.
     - You still need to do your best though because even if your teammate places 1st Place, but
you and your other teammates places last, your team will still lose!
     - Refer below how points are made after the race.

     - 1st Place = 10 Points
     - 2nd Place = 8 Points
     - 3rd Place = 6 Points
     - 4th Place = 5 Points
     - 5th Place = 4 Points
     - 6th Place = 3 Points
     - 7th Place = 2 Points
     - 8th Place = 1 Point

     - Forfeit = 0 Points
     - Leave = 0 Points

     - Teammates that can't finish the race will get 0 points! So even if you place 1st, but all of
your teammates didn't finish the race, your team will only get 10 Total Points!

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