KartRider Dash: How to Win Items Mode

       In Items Mode, you will be taken into a race without rules! Quickly gather offensive items to destroy your opponents' pace or defensive items to secure your place in the race. Refer below to learn more about KartRider Dash's Items Mode option.

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- Items Mode -

       To learn item's capabilities and effects, refer here: Offensive and Defensive Items Guide
     - If you are in the lead, you will be getting Cloud Cover, Banana and Shield more often. Use
these items to trap your enemies and to protect you from attacks.
     - If you are placed in the middle, you get more offensive items to attack racers ahead of you.
     - If you are placed in the last, you will get more Nitros and attack items.

     - To avoid attacks from your opponents, buy some Auto-Block items in the store.
     - Recommended Auto-Block items: Water Wisp and Spaceship.

Items Mode - Single Mode

     - One of the best race to take if you want to play with almost infinite Fuel! Simply win 5 races
to get 500 Money total, then buy a "Full Fuel" item in the store for 500 Money. If you can win all races, you can play as long as you want!
     - If you are in the lead, attacks will be lesser because the only one that you need to watch out
for is the racer directly behind you. Out race them all and land traps to secure your place!
     - Avoid the middle places, you will get murdered with lots of attacks! Aim for first place
early on.

Items Mode - Team Mode

     - The team of the rider who places first wins.
     - This race is tricky because you can actually win without doing anything! Just pray that one of
your teammate will place first after the race.
     - This mode is also kinda annoying because you will get lots of Water Wisps, Spaceships and
Homing Missiles if you are in the lead! This is because, you are not just going to mind the enemy behind you but also his or her teammates!
     - If you are a good speedster and trapper go for the 1st place!
     - If you don't want to get hammered by attack items, place 2nd or 3rd and attack your
enemies with offensive items. This way, you can help your teammates place 1st during the race.

Bad Item Combos (Don't do this!)
     - Water Bomb + Nitro: You might get caught in your own Water Prison!
     - Magnet + Nitro: You already have a speed boost while magnet is in effect.

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