KartRider Dash FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

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- Basic Tips and Info -

Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info
     - Keyboard Controls
     - Game Modes and Rules
     - Storage and garage Items

- General Guides -

Offensive and Defensive Items Guide
     - Attack and Defense Items
     - Buff and Debuff Items

How to Win Speed Mode
     - Speed Mode and Single Mode
     - Speed Mode and Team Mode
     - Learn How Points Are Given to Each Team

How to Win Items Mode
     - Items Mode and Single Mode
     - Items Mode and Team Mode
     - Bad Item Combos to Perform!

How to Play with Almost Infinite Fuel
     - Learn How to Gain more Playing Time!

- FAQs -

How to Drift
     - Why Drift?
     - Things to Mind while Drifting
     - Learn the Perfect Drift!

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