KartRider Dash: How to Play with Almost Infinite Fuel

       This is not a game cheat! It is a legit method that will help players gain more playing time in KartRider Dash - social game. Refer below to learn more. Good luck playing your favorite online browser game on Facebook!

- Infinite Playing Time -

Buddy Mode
     - The simplest way is to join the rooms created by your friends.
     - Your fuel will not decrease if you are not the room creator. To effectively do this, you need
to invite lots of active players and become a room creator only when you have full fuel slots.

Recycling Fuel and Money 
     - Win 5 single mode race for a total of 500 Money. You need to place 1st to get 100 Money.
     - Items Mode and Single Mode is the best combination mode to do this!
     - When you are out of fuel, go to the Store and buy the "Full Fuel" item.
     - Repeat step 1 above.

Update! NEW!
     - After the new patch, fuel is now unlimited forever!

       If you have more tips, tricks or information about the topic above, feel free to share!

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