Cloudstone: Hybrid Wizard Monk Skill Build

       If you want to destroy your enemies from a far using your destructive spells with Heal support and an almost infinite Power meter, then you might like this Hybrid Wizard Monk skill build! Refer below to learn more, good luck playing your favorite character class in Cloudstone!

- Hybrid Wizard Monk -

       Before moving on into the skill build below, please read the Skills Guide first for review and
explanations of skills. I will no longer explain some details here on why "this or that skill for this skill build" stuff. Happy Playing!
     - Please refer here first: Cloudstone: Wizard Skill Guide and Cloudstone: Monks' Skill Guide

The Build
       This build will focus on the Wizard's skill tree while utilizing the Monk's Heal Bomb skill to
compensate the low armor of wizards! With the help of Power Surge, you can spam Heal Bomb to heal yourself anytime. It's like carrying free Health Potions or Rejuvenation Plants with you all the time! One of the best Cloudstone build that I have played.

       Main Equipment Stats to look for: (prioritize from left to right) Sorcery > Discipline >
Armor equipment stats to fully enhance your spell damages and Heal amount. Here's an example item with Sorcery, Discipline and Armor stats that you need.
     - Most of them can be obtained by completing gauntlets (replay zones). Check the Shop too!
     - Summon friends to help you get the item you need. It is possible to finish higher zones even
if you are 10 levels below it! Defend missions might be a little tricky to complete though.

     - Equip a Staff or a Wand and save up a Shield for your 1 Hand weapons.

The Stats
     - Go for 60% Sorcery and 40% Discipline. Not necessary to be exact.
     - If you don't have any idea how to do it, refer to the formula below.

     - (Current Sorcery + Current Discipline) x 0.60 = Ideal Number for Sorcery (more or less).

Hybrid Wizard Monk  (in order)

     - Lvl 2-6: Firebat 5/5 - (Use it up close if you have a tank for major damage!).
     - Lvl 7-11: Heal Bomb 5/5 - (Used mainly for healing and for defend mission zones).
     - Lvl 12: Power Surge 1/5
     - Lvl 13-17: Ice Spiketopus 5/5
     - Lvl 18-20: Improved Healing 3/5 - (Great skill to compensate the lack of Discipline stats).
     - Lvl 21-22: Power Surge 3/5
     - Lvl 23-24: Improved Healing 5/5
     - Lvl 25-26: Power Surge 5/5
     - Lvl 27-31: Monocle 5/5
     - I didn't get Flame Strike to save up a skill slot for Potions (get it if you really want to).

     - Lvl 32-36: Pyro Penguin 5/5
     - Lvl 37-41: Bikram Yoga 5/5

       You may also choose any skills or order that you think is best. Share them below too!

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