Cloudstone: Critical Based Hybrid Warrior Monk Skill Build

       If you want to blow up your enemies up close with Heal Bombs, Power Bursts and Critical hits, with Swords and Shields, or strike monsters from a far with lightning, then you might like this Hybrid Warrior Monk skill build!

- Critical Based Hybrid Warrior Monk -

       Before moving on into the skill build below, please read the Skills Guide first for review and
explanations of skills. I will no longer explain some details here on why "this or that skill for this skill build" stuff. Happy Playing!
     - Please refer here first: Cloudstone: Monk Skill Guide and Cloudstone: Warrior Skill Guide

What is Good with Criticals?

     - A Critical Hit will deal 200% or twice the original damage!
     - Damage from skills will also have the chance to deal a critical hit!
     - Note: Critical chance will diminish every after leveling up, so it is important to upgrade your
equips! This is not a game bug and this is made to avoid getting 100% critical chance.

The Build

       This build will focus on maximizing your Critical chances and Attack Speed. You will still
wear Monk equipments but this time, with Sword and a Shield. You need to wear swords in order to effectively use the Preemptive Strike skill in the warrior skill tree.
     The Power gain per hit for this build is a little slower than a Monk with claws, but after
getting Enrage skill and Berserk Skill, Power will not become a problem.

       Main Equipment Stats to look for: (prioritize from left to right) Critical Hit Rating >
Discipline > Armor equipment stats to fully enhance your critical chances, skill damages and
survivability. For accessories, look for Critical Hit Rating or Attack Speed stats to maximize your critical chances!

Critical Based Hybrid Warrior Monk (in order)

     - Lvl 2-6: Heal Bomb 5/5
     - Lvl 7-11: Power Burst 5/5 - (If you have a tank or if you are in a defense mission zones).
     - Lvl 12-16: Express Karma 5/5 - (Use this when tanking or if you are playing alone).
     - Lvl 17: Preemptive Karma 1/5 - (Use only for defense mission zones).

     - Note: Do not get Haste! Berserk is a lot better and it is spammable!

     - Lvl 18-22: Sword Mastery 5/5 - (Drop your Claw now and equip a Sword and a Shield).
     - Lvl 23-27: Enrage 5/5 - (Not that great anymore because of the nerf, but still).
     - Lvl 28: Charge 1/5 - (Good Power re-generator and for escaping ).
     - Lvl 29-33: Berserk 5/5
     - Lvl 34-38: Sword Precision 5/5

       You may also choose any skills or order that you think is best. Share them below too!

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