Armies of Magic: Battle Strategies to Win Battles

       Refer here to learn how to win your battles in Armies of Magic - Playdom's online browser based social game, but before anything else, make sure that all of your military buildings and spell temples are fully upgraded according to your current level.

- Battle Strategies -

The Key to Winning: Miners and Crystals!
       In order to deploy a unit, you need to collect crystals. Each unit has a crystal cost to deploy.
Miners are used to collect crystals during the battle, so protect them at all costs! Also, add to your main objective to kill the other side's Miners to easily isolate their hero!

Basic Attack (in order) - You start with 50 Crystals.

     - Deploy Miners: Always deploy Miners at the start of the battle. It is recommended to deploy
1 or 2 if the battle area is small. If it's long, deploy additional miners after sending harassers.

     - Kill their Miners: Deploy some attackers to harass their miners early on. At this point, you
should have 30 Crystals left. Send in 3 Conscripts, Scouts or Macemen depending on your race. Next, Zap the first enemy or group of enemies you encounter with your damaging or debuff spell, or support your attackers with any buff spell to give your harassers a better chance of killing their miners!

     - Send a Wave: Gather some crystals and send an army with at least 5 units. Always
remember, a wave of army is much better than a single unit attacking one at a time. If you were successful on killing the miners before, you should be able to defeat your enemies or isolate the hero at this stage.

     - Tips for Waves: Ranged units are effective in groups, especially when protected by melee
units on the front line. If your opponent's hero is a melee character, send in a group of ranged units for the kill after isolating that hero (very useful for countering heroes with splash damage attacks), but if it's a ranged hero, send in melees instead. Refer to the sample isolated hero screenshot below.
       Some units have splash damage, allowing them to hit multiple enemies in one attack.
Magic-wielding units attack slowly, but their magic is powerful and will often hit many units. Keep an eye out for these units.

     - Send Reinforcements: If you are confident enough that the wave you sent above will be
your last attack for the win, just send any unit (one at a time is ok) you want to reinforce the wave. This way, even if your enemy has successfully killed a unit, it will be replaced instantly! Otherwise, go back to the "Send a Wave" step above.

       At the World Map, practice the steps above by only using basic melee units. Challenge
missions 1 to 4 (Silver) is a perfect place. Try to reduce your casualties as much as possible.

- The Picks -

       Picks are used by Miners to mine crystals from crystal deposits. At certain levels, you can
unlock better Picks through researching. Picks will let your miners gather more crystals per hit, allowing you to send out more troops in battle.
     - Lvl 8 Reinforced Picks: 2 crystals per hit
     - Lvl 13 Split Head Picks: 4 crystals per hit
     - Lvl 19 Gem Tipped Picks: 7 crystals per hit
     - Lvl 25 Enchanted Picks: 10 crystals per hit

       This will help you know when to choose stronger units and discard weaker units from your
army. Stronger units requires higher crystal requirement, so it's wise to get better picks first before using stronger units. You might not want to discard your Conscripts, Scouts or Macemen because you need them to disrupt enemy miners early game.

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