Armies of Magic Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Here are some tips and tricks for the Role Playing online browser game - Armies of Magic. Refer here to learn the basic and advanced strategies to help you speed up the growth rate of your capital and army. Good luck playing your favorite social game!

- Game Basics -

Quests and Game Navigation

       Quests are made to guide you through the game's features and mechanics.
Complete them to gain bonuses and to unlock more quests.

       Click on them to view more information about the quest. If you don't know
how to navigate around, just click the "[Go Here Now!]" button below the specific requirement for the quest. The game will instantly show you where to go and progress through a particular story quest, how to purchase and build a certain type of building, or how to research a specific technology for your capital and army.

       Now, if you want to go back to your capital after completing a story line
quest, or after building, upgrading or researching, just click on the "[ Return]" button at the upper or lower right area of your game screen.

       Each different type of building displays its own icon when it is ready to be harvested.
When the building displays a "( ZzZ )" icon instead, this indicates that the building is not currently in use and free to begin a contract.

Allies and Gifting
       Invite allies to unlock items and game contents like boundary expansions. You can also visit
the Cities of anyone you are Allies with to earn rewards and defend them from attacks.
       Even the most powerful warriors in the land need a little help sometimes! Send your friends
a Free Gift to help them take on the goblin hordes, and they'll be sure to return the favor right back to you!

- Buildings -
       As much as possible, select buildings with 1x1 space requirement to maximize your capital's
boundaries. Also, make sure that you are building a well-balanced and effective base and army.

Residential or Homes
     - Produce population, which you can train into units (Military Buildings). Build only if you
need more population for your Military buildings.

     - Produce money by placing and collecting contracts to earn valuable silver.
     - A must have building to speed up your overall growth. Build as many as you want!

CulturalRoads and Walls
     - Build to increase your total culture (represented by a tree icon). On the other hand, building
other buildings will decrease it. If you have a negative culture, you cannot produce any more troops, spells, or population!
     - To be on the safe side, always check the culture requirement of the next locked or unlocked
building you want to build.

     - Produce military units, which are the key to building a powerful army. Recruit units that you
can mass produce comfortably with your current silver gain, until you can mass produce the next tier of units.

     - In addition to using units on the battlefield, you can also use Spells. Spells are created
within Temples, and these can be built once you have Researched the appropriate Magic. Produce spells to be used in battle, which are a great way to get the upper hand on your opponents. Note that Attack spells can't target Miners and Heroes!

     - Special buildings that can buff your army in battle. In order to activate a shrine, you can
invite a friend to staff it. The more spots that are staffed when the shrine is activated, the longer the effect will be. After a shrine has been activated, it will go through a cooldown period before it can be reactivated again.

     - Invite friends to be your allies to unlock the expansions for your capital.
     - If you need more space, sell buildings that produce low outputs and replace them with
buildings that giver higher returns.

     - Your gifts, limited edition purchases, and stored buildings will appear here, ready to use.

       You can choose to build, move, flip and sell your buildings by clicking on the Build menu
near the bottom of the screen.

- Upgrading -
       Improves the effects or production in which each building specializes. Note that after
upgrading a specific Military building, all similar buildings will be upgraded too! It is also best to only upgrade Residential or Cultural buildings with 1x1 space requirement to maximize your area.

Residential or Homes: Faster population production.
Cultural Buildings: Increased Culture.
Military Buildings: Increased Damage, Health and more. Upgrade this as soon as possible!
Spell Temples: Unlocks higher tier spells. This one is also good to unlock spells with effects!

     - Certain level in order to unlock each upgrade level.
     - A set of materials and a number of specific plans.
     - Materials can be requested from allies or purchased with silver or gold.
     - To request a material from your allies, click the "Ask for Help" button below the material.
     - Mystery gifts also have random materials when claimed.

- Researching -
       Research lets you learn new Technology in order to unlock and produce better types of
buildings, units, and spells.
     - Always have something to research on to speed up your capital's growth rate!

     - Certain level in order to unlock each research, Silvers and Time.
     - You can also instantly research any Technology with Gold (cash users).

- The Battle Grounds -

Story Mode
     - Take your time don't rush it! If you are confident enough to take on the next quest, then
go for it! Stop when you are losing  too much units! To continue your quest, click on the small book icon in the map to travel, the two swords crossed icon means you will engage a battle!

Challenge Mode
     - Make sure that the rewards you gained after the battle can recover the number of
casualties in your army! If not, select an easier uncompleted stage instead.

Versus Mode
     - Choose an enemy with higher lose rate and with low army strength.
     - Since you can only battle players around your level, make sure that your Military buildings
are fully upgraded and have enough units for battle. Don't forget to bring some spells too!

Defending Allies
     - Choose the first option if your friend's level is equal or lower than your level.
     - Choose the second option if your level is lower than your friend.

Battle Strategies
     - Refer here for more info: Battle Strategies to Win Battles with Miners


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