Ninja Soul: Item Crafting and Boss Scrolls Guide

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       Weapon and armor crafting is one of Ninja Soul's many features in-game for non-cash
players! refer here to learn how to craft powerful weapons and armors for your ninja. Good luck playing your favorite online browser ninja game!
- Weapon and Armor Crafting -

     - Scrolls: Crafting recipes from chests dropped by Bosses or World Bosses.
     - Materials: Required materials needed for crafting. Double click the scroll to view all needed
materials and to learn where and how to collect them.
     - Copper: A little fee for crafting.
     - Probability: A fixed percentage given per item. Failed attempt will still consume all materials!

Sample Boss and Scroll Drops (Chest)
     - Location: Sugarbush - Defeat Exiled Warrior Leader.
     - Drops: Chest - Chance to get a green weapon scroll (4th Kurai).

     - Location: Trestle - Defeat Hyakki Warlock Leader.
     - Drops: Chest - Chance to get a green armor scroll (Basic Ninja Jacket).

     - Note: Higher grade weapons and armor scrolls can be obtained from stronger bosses.

- Weapon and Armor Item Grade -

Where to Get Crafting Materials
     - Boss Drops: Chest (random items).
     - Common Monsters/Enemies: randomly dropped.
     - NPC Shop: To buy weapons like Kurai.
     - Crafted Items: Higher grade crafting scrolls requires crafted items too!
     - World Boss Drops

Green Weapon
     - Item Crafted: 4th Kurai
     - Needed Materials: Darksteel x10; Darksteel Stone x3; Kurai.
     - Refer to the above screenshot above this guide for sample 4ht Kurai crafting.

Green Armor
     - Item Crafted: Basic Ninja Jacket
     - Needed Materials: Singular Flower x10; Linen x30; Singular Grass x10; Lucidium Grass x10.

Blue Weapon
     - Item Crafted: Poisoned and Fire Blade
     -Needed Materials: Darksteel Stone x10; Branch x10; Yellow Stone x60; Beast Bone x15;
4th Kurai.

Blue Armor
     - Item Crafted: Stumin Ninja Jacket
     -Needed Materials: Linen x120; Ox Horn x20; Dark Iron Stone x100; Hooked Jades x10;
Zitan Tripod x15; Basic Ninja Jacket.

Blue Shoes
     - Item Crafted: Ninja Shoes
     -Needed Materials: Singular Flower x10; Lucidium Grass x10; Beast Bone x7;
Hooked Jades x5.

Purple Weapon/Armor/Shoes
     - Will Update This Section ~