Tetris Battle: How to Perform 2 Columned Combos

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       It is called 2 Columned Combo Style or Two Liners because you will perform combos to
send multiple Solid Lines to your opponent/s. To do this, you will have to leave two columns where the combo is performed. Commonly used combo around Tetris Battle along with the Bomb Minos!

- Sample 2 Columned Combo Style Video and Explanation -

     - The 2 Columned Combo Style or 2 Liners

       You can send a barrage of Solid Lines with Combos by performing simple line clears with
every consecutive Tetrimino that falls. For every Tetrimino that drops that creates a Line Clear, you’ll send additional bonus Solid Lines.

       It’s best to set up a Combo a couple rows from one side, such as with the third and fourth
or seventh and eight columns. Stack Tetriminos neatly to each side as high as you can. When you can’t go any higher, start dropping Tetriminos into the gap. Because every Tetrimino is at least two squares wide except for the I-Tetrimino, you’ll clear a line with every drop. Don’t worry about packing in the Tetriminos into the gap-open spaces are just opportunities for longer combo chains.