Tetris Battle: How to Perform a Tetris Combo

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       The easiest playing style for Tetris Battle beginners. It is called Tetris Style because you
will use the long “I” Tetrimono piece to send Solid Lines to your opponent/s. That combo move is well known in Tetris Battle as Tetrising.
- Sample Tetris Style Video and Explanation -

     - Tetris Style/One Liner/Tetris Combo

       The Solid line system in Tetris rewards clearing more than one line at a time. Clearing three
lines is worth more than clearing two. So clearing four lines at a time, known as getting a Tetris, is worth a tremendous amount of Solid lines, and is one of the most important strategic concepts to know. 

     - Leave a one-square-wide gap on the side of the Matrix to prepare for a Tetris. 
     - Build up Tetriminos on the opposite side of the gap to avoid blocking the gap. 
     - Pile up the Tetriminos neatly. 
     - Don’t drop the I-Tetrimino into the gap until you have at least four complete lines built up