Soul Crash: Disappearing Golds After Battle - Solved!

       Here is a known game issue that has been bothering players around Soul Crash. Read on to learn more about the game problem and to find some possible solutions on how to fix it. If you encounter game bugs, errors, glitch or any problem, feel free report your problem.

- Missing Golds After Battle -

     - After battle, the number of Gold I have decreases!

     - This is not a game bug or error.
     - This happens because you probably have recruited mercenaries in your team! Mercenaries
deducts Golds from your stash of Golds depending on the type of mercenary you hired. The amount will be deducted every after battle!

     - So solve this, you really need at least 2 friends in Soul Crash to replace those mercenaries.
     - To replace them, go to your Character screen > Team > Set My Teammates.

     - Additionally, some bugs like negative number of Golds after collecting Golds from friends
should be fixed by now. If you still have this problem, just ignore it and refresh the game.

Report Problem
     - If the above solution/s is not working, click the link below to report your problem directly.
     - Contact Soul Crash Support Team

     - or post your problem in the comment section below.


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