Soul Crash Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Here are some tips, tricks and info for Soul Crash online action RPG browser game. Refer here to learn how to approach the game and lead on through the leaderboards early game! This guide will cover some basics for newbies and some tricks for advanced players.

- General Tips, Tricks and Info -

     - "Like" Soul Crash to get bonuses (game recommendation).
     - Daily Rewards: More bonuses will be unlocked as you log-in everyday!
     - Send free gifts to your friends to get some too!
     - Visit your friend's street and claim Energies, Golds and Enchant Stones!
     - To claim, click on your friend's pet beside him or her.
     - For Lucy Crow, click on her crow. For other players, scarecrows are their default pets.

     - You can claim up to 20 energy, 20x10 Golds and 20 Enchant Stones everyday!
     - You will need a total of 60 Soul Crash friends to claim all the bonuses from visits.
     - Completing quests will give you handful rewards too!
     - Click any of the quest icons similar to the pic above.

     - You can also get some rewards by completing battle requirements like:
     - Winning 3 battles in a row.
     - Getting a number of wins, winning streaks and total fights (see leaderboard for more info).

     - Do not overuse or collect energy when you are about to level up! It will just go to waste
because you will get a full energy bar after leveling up!
     - If you are stuck or anything, just refresh the game.

- Battle Strategies -

Hiring Friends/Teammates 
     - Hire friends ASAP! instead of mercenaries! Mercenaries will sweep your Golds away!
     - For more info refer here: Disappearing Golds after Battle Issue

     - You can only recruit teammates below your level and up to 5 levels above yours.

     - Use your keyboard shortcuts A, S and D for better timing.
     - If your keyboard shortcuts are not working, the active window is not set. You have to
click anywhere inside the commands ("Tag, Counter or Soul") first before the battle starts or during the battle.
Soul Crash Battle Strategies

     - Switches to your teammates. Requires half of an Orb.
     - Used for Combos! This is helpful for chasing enemies that are thrown away from you. It will
continue the combo instead of getting closer and resuming normal battle.
     - Good for avoiding Counters! right before they land their Counter, use Tag to avoid it!
     - Chance to Deflect enemy attacks and leave them dazed for short time. Press the Tag button
while your character is guarding against an enemy attacks!

     - It will make you invincible while countering! Requires 1 Full Orb.
     - Best used if you are under heavy attacks like Soul! Counters can reduce damage from Soul!
     - Quickly hit Counter if your opponent is using Counter, to avoid and attack him or her.

     - Deals devastating attacks and damages! Requires 2 Full Orbs.
     - Can also be used to counter Soul attacks:

     - Soul Break: Breaks your enemy's Soul attack then ditches him or her to the air.
Battle continues as normally would.
     - Soul Crash: Both party will continue using Soul attacks to each other!

     - Note that during Soul attacks, you can still use Counter and Tag! Use them wisely!

- Soul Crash Skills: The Art of Soul -
To unlock the Skill Shop! NEW!
     - Requires Lvl 6 and Master Gin's quest.
     - Take the new quest from your quest icons. Then click the "Skill Shop" icon in your game
screen. Simply talk to Master Gin to accept you and to unlock the Skill Shop.
     - To help you understand more about skills refer to the link below.
     - Skill Guide, How to Unlock and Tips

- Stats or Attributes -

       There are 4 different stats for battling. They each have specific battle enhancing functions.
       For more in-depth stats allocation or builds, refer to the link below:
     - Link Here Soon!

     - You inflict more damage per hit.
     - Slightly increases Guard Crash chance (noticeable when attacking lower leveled players).

     - You take less damage when hit and also increases max HP.
     - Slightly increases chance to parry attacks (noticeable when attacking lower leveled players).

     - Increases your chance of penetrating guard/landing a hit.
     - It actually increases Guard Crash chance.

     - Increases your chance of avoiding an attack.
     - It actually increases chance to parry attacks.

- The Trick Behind Winning Streaks! - 

     - Refer Here: Soul Crash: How to Get Winning Streaks or Straight Wins

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