Soul Crash - Gaia Interactive's Online Game

Online Game: Soul Crash
- Publisher: Gaia Interactive
- Facebook Game Application
- Action RPG / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Soul Crash's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -

Soul Crash Facebook Game Description
       Challenge your friends to furious tag-team battles in the first real fighting
game on Facebook.
       Immerse yourself in our stunning graphics, spectacular moves with
amazing visual effects, and unravel the story of the 4 elements!

       Once you were a promising young warrior, rising in the ranks of the elemental order.

       Seduced by your power, your masters pushed you too far, breaching the limits of your soul.
You were left with no memory, on the brink of death, abandoned by those you once served.

       Now, you must team up with other warriors to repair you soul, regain your skill and master
the power of the elements, But first, you must regain your identity...

     - Gather friends and populate your street to earn bonuses!
     - Team up with your friends and dominate team matches, boss fights and more!
     - Customize your character with enchanted or non-enchanted weapons and armor sets.


- Battle Play -

       Soul Crash is an Action Role Playing Game - Online Browser Game. Discover your own
unique stats build, combinations and enchanted gears for your character!
Battle Play Tutorial
       The warrior instincts make the battle flow effortlessly, but your split-second decision are
the key to the victory.
       Watch your Soul Orb gauge closely. Sould Orbs fill up as you land attacks or take damage.

       The Counter Button evades enemy attacks. Use it to gain control of the battle and land
powerful combos. Counter uses one Soul Orb, and cannot be blocked. Later, you can swap between different counter abilities.
       SOUL uses 2 Soul Orbs to launch a devastating super attack. Click to watch it crush your

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