Storage Wars: The Game - A&E Television Networks, LLC's Online Game

Online Game:
Storage Wars: The Game
- Publisher: A&E Television Networks,
- Facebook Game Application
- Action and Arcade / Hidden Objects / TV Series Based / Online Browser Based Social Game.

       Refer below to learn more about Storage Wars: The Game's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -
Storage Wars: The Game Facebook Game Description
       The doors to the storage room are open and you’ve got to decide if its filled
with junk or treasure. Do you have what it takes to find the treasure in the trash?
       Welcome to Storage Wars: The Game, the high stakes game of storage unit auctions!
Explore and complete storage units around maps to unlock auction bosses. Bid your way up and complete boss auction's stars to unlock more maps and challenges!

     - Play with your friends to get more Energy and more gameplay!
     - Join the auctions and search for wanted treasures, hidden items and more.
     - Compete with your friends and gain bragging rights by raising your high scores at the

- Battle Play -

       Winning auctions is your primary source of cash in this high stakes game. Decide with your
instincts and risk losing money for the chance to win wanted treasures and a huge profit.
Time Limits
       You are given a limited time to inspect a unit. During this time, you can do various things.

     - Inspecting Item Prices
     - Wanted Treasures
     - Use Power-Ups
     - Dollar ($) Sign Hunt

Auctions and Bidding
     - Skip: Totally skips the unit. Skip if the unit has no treasures or has a low overall price.
     - Pass: Withdraw yourself. Use "Pass" wisely to bankrupt your contenders!
     - Bid: Bid to become the highest bidder. Bid all the way if you found treasure!
     - To pause the game, just click on View Treasures, Your Stuff or Stores.

       Winning all the units doesn't guarantee that you will get the first place in the auction battle.
You have to make sure you are gaining profit! The top bidder with the highest profit will hit the top place!

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