Storage Wars: The Game How to Use Power-ups

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       Power-ups can help you win at the auction! Before entering auctions, you can purchase up
to 2 Power-ups to help you find treasures, dollar signs, and win more auctions. More power-ups will be unlocked as your progress though the game.
- Power-Ups -
Buying Power-Ups
     - Normally you can buy them with Game Cash.
     - For Cash-users, you can use your Storage Wars Tokens to buy more!

Active Power-Ups
     - You can see your active power-ups between the game timer and your truck space.
     - Refer below pic. Some power-ups will disappear after using them.
       Here are some Power-ups that you might want to purchase before going to the auctions.

X-Ray Glasses
     - Game description: Lets you click on items to see through them.

     - Review: This item is pretty useful for uncovering hidden treasures behind objects. Just click
on the objects to turn them transparent. Also helpful for revealing dollar signs hidden on objects!
     - Tip: Wanted treasures can't be x-rayed!

     - Game description: Shows when you roll over a treasure.
     - Review: Move your mouse over the objects to reveal treasures. Revealed treasures will
place an icon similar to the above pic on your game screen. This is a great item if you want to easily find
wanted treasures.
     - Tip: The Magnet can now reveal hidden treasures behind objects!

Knock Out and Another Swing
     - Game description: Click on an opponent to knock them out.

     - Review: This is a great item if used wisely! Use this item if a unit has a treasure or the
whole unit has a big cash output! Go on to the bidding until one of your contenders prefers to pass. Next, knock out the player who made a bid to win the auction instantly! This method will net you thousands of dollars!
     - Tip: It can only be used once!

Rental Truck and Big Rental Truck
     - Game description: One extra space in your truck. Available on Map 5.
     - Review: You don't really need this if you are a smart bidder or if you have a good number of
Storage Wars: The Game friends.
     - Tip: Add friends! you can hire your friend's truck space to win more units.

Mega Flashlight
     - Game description: Much more powerful light.
     - Review: Much more powerful light? That's it? Well it's not really useful...

Broken Timer NEW!

     - Game description: The auctioneer's watch is broken, Take all the time you want.
     - Review: Useful for beginners and for later game auctions.

Type-Your-Bid NEW!

     - Game description: Bid whatever amount you want with this power-up!
     - Review: You can bid your own amount using your keyboard keys! This is actually useful
specially for getting units with treasures in it! Get them cheap by just editing the recommended bid and adding $1 based from the highest bidder!