EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: How to Play the Match Predictor

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       To play the Match Predictor, Click on "Play" and select the Match Predictor tab in the
League selection screen.Click on "Play" to see the list of games available for the week. Predict the outcome of the matches and win big prizes!
- Match Predictor -

       The Match Predictor: Predict the outcome of real world matches to win tokens which you
can then trade for amazing prizes!

Weekend's Games
     - Matches can take place any day of the week, so always check the date and time above
the listed matches.
     - Locks will be unlocked and predictions can be entered  from the previous evening until
5 minutes before "kick-off". The more teams you predict, the more coins you will need to pay.
How to Win Tokens
     - Enter desired numbers in the unlocked area to start predicting.
     - Predict the correct outcome of the match. Win, Lose or Draw and win 5 Tokens.
     - Predict the exact scoreline of the match and win 40 Tokens!

Trading Tokens
     - Now it's time to trade your hard earned Tokens for cool items!
     - Click on the "Prize Store" button to enter the Prize Store or check the SOTW (Superstars
of the week) and see the Best 11 Superstars from last weeks games.
     - Higher tier will offer you better trades. Aim for the SOTW Pack!

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