Zombie Misfits: Stage Level Secrets and Tricks

       Here are some secrets that you can find in Zombie Misfits's stage levels. As you go through
the game, you can unlock new battle fields or map. Each Map comes with a little secret that you can use to defeat zombie hordes!
- Stage Level Secrets -

       To activate Zone Map secrets, simply click on them at the right time. It is also recommended
that you activate them when a horde of zombies or a boss zombie steps in their area of effect.

Donkey King Brewery
     - Cooldown Method: Wait for the dimmed word "Kick!" to fully get it's pink color.
     - Activation: Click on the word "Kick!" to let the Donkey kick the barrel. The barrel will roll and
damage all zombies on the it'a path.

Carl's Ice Creamery
     - Cooldown Method: Wait for the big yellow valve to shake.
     - Activation: Click on the shaking valve to freeze all zombies inside it.

Suburban Mansion
     - Cooldown Method: Wait for the yellow meter valve to shake
     - Activation: Click on the meter valve to toast all zombies. Check the path of the flames to
accurately use this attack.

Roadkill Bar and Grill
     - Cooldown Method: Wait for the pink meter switch to get some electricity around it.
     - Activation: Click on the pink meter switch to release the pig. The pig will jump around
hitting all zombies in contact.

Rock Haus Concert Hall
     - Cooldown Method: Wait for the Big Beast to fully open up his mouth. 
     - Activation: Click on the beast to release a wide area of flames.

       Now that you all have an idea on how to spot and activate the secrets around the maps, 
I will not spoil the fun and let you all explore the rest! Good luck everyone!

- Finding Secrets -

Look for objects that,
     - changes it's color overtime like the Donkey King Brewery secret.
     - changes from steady position into a moving object like the Carl's Ice Creamery secret.
     - enhances itself with cool effects like the Rock Haus Concert Hall secret.
     - generally moves.

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