Zombie Misfits: How to Use Mods on Weapons

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       Mods come in two flavors: Weapon Mods and Defender Mods. Applying a mod to a defender or a weapon will make it more powerful in different ways. Note that Mods will never expire and are not consumable like Weapons or Contraptions.
- Mods -

Unlocking Mods
     - Mods are unlocked according to a progression sequence as player level increases.
     - Continue leveling until you can unlock the Mod that you need.
     - Finally, you can go to the store and purchase your Weapon Mod.
     - Click on the icon similar below to view all Mods available in the store.
     - For starters, purchase the Sack of Marbles for your Slingshot.
     - Move your mouse over the Mods to see the Weapon that can equip the Mod.

- Weapons Mods -
     - Click the Weapon icon to view all available Weapons in your list.
     - Click on the Weapon you want to Modify. For this guide, we will use the Slingshot.
     - At the Weapons Mod page, equip the Mod that you just bought for your Slingshot.
     - Now you are good to go! Don't forget to equip your modified Weapon in the preparation
screen before the battle.

Frequently Asked Questions

     - Question: Can I unequip a Mod from my weapon and equip it into a new weapon?
     - Answer: YES, as long that they are compatible.

     - Question: I equipped a Mod a consumable 1 use only Weapon. What will happen to the
Mod after the battle?
     - Answer: It will automatically unequip itself from the consumed Weapon. You can equip
your Mod again to another Weapon of your choice.

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