Storage Wars: The Game Tips, Tricks and Info

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       Here are some tips and tricks for Storage Wars: The Game that you can learn to further
enhance your  gameplay experience. Refer here to learn the basics, advanced game features and battle concepts of Storage Wars: The Game.
- Completing Auction Maps -

       Winning auctions is your primary source of cash in this high stakes game. Decide with your
instincts and risk losing money for the chance to win wanted treasures and a huge profit.

Entering Auctions
     - You start with $5000 and one quarter-energy refill.

     - More cash to bid with every after 24 hours.
     - Plus 3 to your maximum energy every 5 levels.
     - More energy will be added every 15 minutes.
     - Leveling earns you cash and energy.
     - To enter Auctions, move your mouse cursor over the storage areas and click on a "Ready"
storage or a an "Auction Ready" similar to the pics above.
     - Auctions requires a  number of energy! Also shows number of units.
     - Click the Play button to enter the auction.

       To beat this map, you must defeat the Auction Boss. Win all the other auctions to unlock it.
     - Fill all Boss Auction stars to complete the map and to unlock more auction maps!

- Inspecting Units -

     - You are given a limited time to inspect a unit. During this time, you can do various things.

Inspecting Item Prices
     - One of the basic things that you should be doing. Try to add up the prices of all the items
inside the unit. This way, you will have an idea on how much the unit worth.
     - Ignore items with less than $50 price range.
     - Just get the average price and add them up to the other items.
     - Example: Item X = $700 ~ $1250. For this item, price it at $900 or $1000.
     - Example: Item Y = $??? ~ $250. For this item, price it at $100.

Wanted Treasures
     - Keep an eye on wanted items. Wanted item's price values are more than $1500!
     - Look for these treasures hidden in the auctions and win the bid!
Use Power-Ups
     - Click here for more info about Power-Ups: Link Here Soon!

Dollar ($) Sign Hunt
     - Look for them before bidding. When you find them, they fill your Bonus Bar and
give you XP and Cash. Approximately 4 to 5 dollar signs per unit.
     - You must fill up the bar before all bids are complete or before the time runs out!
     - As you progress through the game, dollar searching will get harder and trickier.

- Bidding and Winning -

     - Skip: Totally skips the unit. Skip if the unit has no treasures or has a low overall price.
     - Pass: Withdraw yourself. Use "Pass" wisely to bankrupt your contenders!
     - Bid: Bid to become the highest bidder. Bid all the way if you found treasure!
     - To pause the game, just click on View Treasures, Your Stuff or Stores.

     - By default, you are only allowed to bid and win up to 2 units.
     - Every unit you win takes up space in your truck. Don't waste space on worthless rooms!
     - In case that you need more truck space, you can hire one of your friends or just skip.
     - Click on "Bid" to show the Hire Buttons above your friend's portraits.

Cleaning Out Units
     - After the bidding, It's time to clean out the unit you won!
     - Click on each item to remove it from the unit and sell it. You can also use the Speed Clean.

Auction Results
     - The one with the highest profit wins!

- Quick Tips -

     - Invite active friends to play with and to help you gain more energy!
     - Claim bonuses from your friend's shared Facebook Wall feeds.
     - Send 1/4 Energy Refill to your Storage Wars: The Game friends to get energy from them!
     - Claim your gifts in the message center by clicking on the "messages" tab on the game bar.
     - Use your Energy before they expire (approximately 9 minutes)! Go to your stuff then click on
the Energizer tab to use them. Unclaimed energy in the message center doesn't expire though.

     - If you want to get the top place in the leaderboards, you really need a good number of active
friends to gift you energies! Beat the maps and use your energies wisely.

     - Since the game doesn't have a fullscreen mode yet, you can use this:
     - Hold the "CTRL" key on your keyboard then use your mouse wheel to adjust.

As You Progress Through the Game:
     - More stuff will be added inside the units and the dollar signs will be tougher to spot.
     - Units you bid on will now have their lights turned down.
     - You'll lose 2 seconds for every click you miss (dollar signs).
     - more units!
     - and more...