Pockie Ninja: How to Get Tailed Beast Pets

       Prepare to beat rampaging tailed beasts with your crashing powers! Join the army and defend the villages in order to save the Sakura mainland! Refer to this guide and learn how to get your own loyal Tailed Beast!

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

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- Join the Defense of Tailed Beasts -

New Game Feature: Defense Against Tailed Beasts System

     - New scene in five villages - Kage's Hall (Building).
     - Honour Rankings for Defense Against Tailed Beasts.
How to Participate
     - Go to the Kage's Hall Buidling and enter the five Kage meeting room.
     - Talk to the Ninja Troop Commander to open up some options.
     - Depends on the time of the event, you can join the "Defense against Tailed Beasts".
     - Click on "What is Defense against tailed beast?" option to read more information.

     - If you have successfully entered the event, click the tailed beast which is attacking
a village to start your defensive strategies!

     - Reward items just by joining the defense against tailed beasts.
     - Special Titles with awesome stats.
     - Honour Rank Rewards

- Get Your Own Tail Beast -

       Tail Beasts can be obtained from the following events or game items:

Tailed Beast Wishing Pot
     - Shukaku One-Tailed
     - Isonade Three-Tailed
     - Sokou Four-Tailed
     - Houkou Five-Tailed
     - Raijuu Six-Tailed
     - Mujina Seven-Tailed

S-rank Tailed Beast Wishing Pot
     - Nekomata Two-Tailed
     - Giant Ox Eight-Tailed
     - Demon Fox Nine-Tailed

Heart of Tailed Beast Wishing Pot
     - Heart of Tailed Beast Gem
     - Heart of Shukaku
     - Heart of Nakomata
     - Heart of Isonade
     - Heart of Sokou
     - Heart of Houkou
     - Heart of Raijuu.

Example Game Feature/Events:
     - Check the Pockie Ninja official website for event announcements!
     - Example: Non-game related events like Retweets at the Pockie Ninja Main Site.

     - Redeem, Snatch or Seize them at the Daily Sign-in Gift
     - Try to search players who are selling unbound Tailed Beast pets in the market!

Eye of the Moon (10 Tailed Beast: Limited Edition!) NEW!
     - Eye of the Moon (10 Tailed Beast) is a limited edition pet for Pockie Ninja's 1st year
anniversary!. He can only be gained from a game event! Example: Top-up contest.

       After getting your tailed beast pet, you can use the Item Transfer at the Armory if you want to
get or use other tailed beast pet. S-rank and Non S-Rank tailed beasts are grouped together.
     - When using the Item Transfer, the pet's skill slots will be reshuffled!
     - Existing skills will be erased!

- Tailed Beast Pets Skills! -
     - Looking for Tailed Beast Pet Skills? Refer to the link below!
     - Pockie Ninja: Tailed Beasts Skills List


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