Mafia Wars 2 Basic Turf Defense

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       Protect your turf from robbers and rivals to minimize the loss of resources! Refer here to
learn how to defend your hard earned cash, products and more. Crews can also help you defend your turf by fending off rivals or by repairing damages in your turf.
- Setup your Defense -

       When a rival robs your turf, they can get a fraction of your unprotected cash and
products. To minimize loss, build some basic defenses in your turf.

     - Bank: Protects your Cash
     - Warehouse: Protect your Products

       As you progress through the game, sample defenses above can be unlocked by
completing specific missions. The Bank can be unlocked from the game's tutorial.

     - Successfully build them all up to start protecting your resources.
     - A "blue shield" symbol means that you can store more resources inside the building.
     - When the building is full, unprotected resources are at risk!
     - Upgrade your bank as often as possible and use it to protect your money from rivals.
     - Refer here to learn how to upgrade buildings: Mafia Wars 2: How to Upgrade Buildings

- Defend Buildings and Workers -

     - Be sure to collect from your buildings and workers before enemies have the chance to
rob them.
     - Note that robbers can only rob "Ready to Harvest" buildings and workers.

     - Assign jobs to your workers which you can harvest in time.
     - If left unharvested, they become vulnerable!

- Help from Friends -

     - You friends or crews can also help you defeat robbers around your turf.
     - If you have a high leveled rival around your turf, just attack them. Either you win or
lose, your enemy will go away after the fight. NEW!
     - You can't collect bonuses from your buildings if their is a rival hitting them. NEW!

     - If you have a good number of active crews, let them repair your buildings or revive
your workers instead to conserve energy.
     - Destroyed buildings will not function or produce cash or products.

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